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Exclusive: Short Film “Kirksdale” Makes Online Debut

Ryan Spindell’s 2007 festival hit “Kirksdale” is finally online, as an exclusive to Bloody Disgusting.

Featuring Joshua Mikel (“The Vampire Diaries”) as Officer Pearl, Greg Thompson (Dark Remains) as Dr. Eckert, and Jessica Mansfield as Molly, “On a warm summer day in 1961, the idyllic tranquility of the Kirksdale Mental Asylum comes crashing down, when the facility’s most dangerous patient escapes. Trapped inside the sprawling retreat, a troubled teenage girl, and a lecherous sheriff’s deputy, must face their inner demons in a fight for their sanity and their lives.

The short played at tons of festivals after premiering at Tribeca. It also screened at Screamfest, Austin Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Ojai, Rochester, Rhode Island International, Bermuda Film Festival, Jacksonville, Dragon-Con, Foyle Film Festival, Asiana International Film Festival etc.

Won Best Short Film At: Shriekfest, Little Rock Film Festival, Dead By Dawn, Palm Beach International Film Festival, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, A Night of Horror Film Festival, Chicago Horror Film Festival, Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival, Phoenix Comic-Con, The International Horror and Sci-fi Film Festival.



  • weresmurf

    That was absolutely fantastic. If there’s any justice in the world, the director will get some funding to turn that into a full length feature. I’d watch the shit outta that as a full movie!!!

  • ItsMorphinTime

    Good production quality…tired and overdone story.

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    ow. my ankles hurt.

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