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Would You Be Interested In A World Where Jason Statham Plays Snake Plissken?

A few weeks back we reported that Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures had joined forces with Studio Canal to build a new franchise with a out of Escape From New York. Apparently The goal is to turn it into a trilogy, starting with an origin story in a fashion similar to the way Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes restarted that franchise.

Which of course doesn’t sound like the greatest idea. Back when a different version of this remake was in development at New Line with producer Neil Moritz and The Crazies helmer Breck Eisner attached, names like Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy were bandied about to play Plissken. Now, according to the highly dubious Daily News, Hardy is still in the running. Along with Jason Statham.

A source touted as being “close to the producers” says that Statham has the physical build and “proven track record of a leading man.” I’m not sure where that comment comes from since neither of Statham’s last two starring vehicles (Safe, Parker) made much money. And not to get too fan-wanky – but he’s just not right for the part. Sure, Snake Plissken was Kurt Russell dialing his charm down a bit, but there was still something fun about the character internally. Anyway there’s a good chance there’s not one iota of truth to this.

I mean, I guess I’d prefer Tom Hardy since he’s “better” for the part. But we’re talking about a movie that probably shouldn’t exist either way, really.



  • joe666

    Don’t get me wrong, I love his movies. But he can in no fucking way be Snake Plissken no matter how hard he would try.
    Jeremy Renner all the way. If not, Tom Hardy.

    • divisionbell

      I’m with you. Jeremy Renner.

    • VampireJack

      Sigh, isn’t it obvious that the only one who could be Snake is Shia Labeouf?

      Chortle. Of course I jest.

      Call me crazy though but I’d like to see Eric Balfour in the role.
      Maybe I’m just nuts.

  • eagleye25


  • vlad1

    “But we’re talking about a movie that probably shouldn’t exist either way, really.”


    None of the actors mentioned above should attempt playing Snake!

  • joe666

    Oh and by the way. Why not simply recast Kurt? He’s not too old yet.

  • EvanDickson

    @joe666 I doubt Kurt wants to do it.

  • Darkness69

    No! I can’t understand these hotshots tossing his name into this remake and I couldn’t understand it when they did it for The Crow either. I mean – Jason Statham – seriously? I mean, this guy has the charisma of a shovel and they want him to play Snake? No way.

  • Raziel_cz

    Well… I would be able to get over Jason Statham. Tom Hardy can’t be Snake. When I think about it, none of them can be Snake, since it’s so iconic character, but both Hardy or Renner would be really ridiculous choise. I kind of liked the idea of featuring Gerard Butler. He’s charismatic, able to play a tough guy, and most importantly looks he good with long hair.

  • djblack1313


  • K-Dogg

    I agree with Evan on the fact that it should be left alone, but hey, everything is getting redone——how about Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clark…thought he was awesome in that, could maybe pull it off.

    • divisionbell

      Why not Joel Edgerton? He basically did the Kurt Russel role in The Thing.

      • K-Dogg

        You know what, I think that is who I freaking meant…thanks dude, they are both in zero dark 30 when I imdb’d them. I think he would be great. He was wicked in Lawless too.

  • Evil_Flip

    I dunno, I like Statham but it’s also because he’s always Jason Statham. And Jason Statham is no Snake Plisskin.

    Also we kinda know this is going to suck, so I rather have them cast somebody I don’t care for anyways (Vin Diesel anyone?) that way I don’t feel the urge to take a peak anyway. Like with the new robocop movie. I know I’m going to hate it (hopefully not as much as total recall) but the cast (Keaton, Jackson and Oldman) really freaking awesome.

  • Joe-Banger

    Wow, I dont know what to say. Ok first off no remake needed, second no Jason should not be that desperate! Yes Safe and Parker bombed because we live in a dying economy, a dying society, and a dying world. There are more important things in life than unnecassary remade films. But its Jasons choice if he wants to kill his career.

  • Canucklehead

    Feigns interest momentarily then regains consciousness and confirms lack thereof.


    statham? absolutely NOT! he’s not bad for the transporter and cranks movies but they’re crap anyway. hardy is a different story… he’s been great in every single role, so that would spark some actual interest for me in this anticipated disaster

  • Scurgar

    I’d rather have Channing Tatum play Snake than Jason Shittyham

  • mexiwok

    There is only one person who can play Snake Plissken. He’s the only person I’d sit through a trilogy for. Josh Holloway. Look at the way Sawyer was in all of Lost. That’s basically Snake Plissken before he became jaded by the war.

  • lovezoid

    I think someone should make a new movie about something new.

  • dr.lamb


  • doomas10

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Snake Plisken is the ultimate motherfucking badass character. Two roles I want untouched! Eric Draven by Brandon Lee and Plisken! Leave these films alone! The Stath is good only when he plays Stath. Nothing else. I am thinking how cool did Russell made the eye patch look.

    • doomas10


  • lface8

    While Statham does have that kinda “smokey” voice that could work for Snake Plissken, I don’t know if he’d be right for the part. And while I do agree that Escape from New York should be left alone as I’m generally opposed to prequels and remakes, one this year is turning me around. The Evil Dead. If handled in a similar fashion, as in a faithful reproduction with a bit of personal flair thrown in, it could probably work.

    But the one person that should play the part is someone who’s kinda been playing the part for years. David Hayter, voice of Solid/Naked Snake. Why not? The character was loosely based off of Snake Plissken and has found himself in some similar situations. While interesting in concept, it’d likely never happen, though.

  • Melissa

    Someone posted on the Joblo article about this that Josh Brolin would be a good Plisskin. I agree. Once I read that, I can’t think of anyone else that would be better other than Kurt Russell because he IS Plisskin.

  • mairsil

    Only David Hayter would do Snake justice in a remake/reboot…

  • johnny-no-cash

    I have always had it my mind, that Josh Brolin wouldn’t be a bad choice.
    He has the ability for the husky tone Kurt has. He ISN’T bald so he wouldn’t need 40,000 hair plugs.
    Seeing him in both No Country for Old Men and Planet Terror, I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more roles thrown at him.

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