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Watch Jenny And Allison Play The Wonderfully Strange Survival Horror Game ‘Rule Of Rose’

I hope you’re ready for an hour of old school survival horror and commentary, because Jenny and Allison of Backward Compatible are here to deliver both. I’ve never played Rule of Rose, but after watching this and seeing how delightfully bizarre the game is, I’m honestly a little bummed out I skipped it. If you missed out too, I highly recommend watching this video. The duo have some goofy fun with the game and Allison might get a little sloshed.

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  • dirtyghettok

    “Rape happens at happy places.” classic

  • Blood-Sicles

    This and Haunting Ground are two games I’ve been meaning to play.

    • chris99x

      I’d skip RoR unless you can get it cheap. The gameplay is a chore, but it does have a great story and an amazing soundtrack. Haunting Ground is wonderful all around.

  • Ravinus

    There are way better games they could be playing with each other. Like “doctor”.

  • BurnTheBlueSky

    “God, eat a sandwich.” Gold.

  • ljbad

    RoR is one of my favorite survival horrors. But I’ll never understand the draw of watching someone play a game while they make annoying comments. I just don’t get where there’s so many videos like this on youtube. I’d much rather be playing the game or at least be in the room with someone who is so I can be the one making annoying comments. I could only stand 5 minutes of this vid before I shut it off.

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