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Watch A Pianist Cover The ‘Walking Dead’ Theme While Surrounded By Zombies

Comic book legend Stan Lee’s Youtube channel World of Heroes has just launched a new series called Cosplay Piano where they mash together music themes you may recognize from movies and television with a bit of cosplay. First up is the theme from AMC’s The Walking Dead, covered by the intensely talented pianist Sonya Belosouva, and a bit of Violin play by a zombiefied Eriko Tsuji before she gets tragically shot down.

I’m not sure if I’m more in awe of Belosouva’s talent with the piano or her remarkable ability to keep cool while surrounded by the undead. Check it out.

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  • djblack1313

    HOLY FUCK!! they are amazing! even though i’m gay i think i’m in love!! both are amazing but Sonya Belosouva….incredible!!!

    Adam thanks for posting this!! just incredible!

    • ggium24

      eih dj i’d like to talk to you about horror films(especially about the new Evil Dead)

  • HorrorChild

    That was incredible. I wish I could play the piano..

  • BurnTheBlueSky

    Man that was awesome. How about an entire zombie symphony?

  • evilfairydust


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