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Rob Zombie Cuts Off Dreads For Charity

Update: April Fool’s!

In what might be the most shocking and surprising thing I’ve heard today, rocker/director Rob Zombie has cut off his infamous dreadlocks for charity purposes. Zombie cut off his dreads for Scary Care Funtime, an organization that promotes the benefits of horror. The dreads were to be used to create a wig that would have then been auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting the organization.

Scary Care Funtime director Johan P. Baumgardner states, “We are thrilled that Mr. Zombie has taken such an interest in our foundation!

Zombie was quoted as saying, “Finally! Those fucking dreads were itching like crazy! That Scary Carey bullshit? They can do whatever they want with them.

You can see a picture of Zombie sans dreadlocks below.

Baumgardner adds, “We had hoped to auction off Mr. Zombie’s hair in an auction but, alas, when we opened the box that contained his dreadlocks, they slithered away. We haven’t yet recovered them all.

In other news, Rob Zombie’s ears have also not yet been found. Anyone who happens across them, please place them in a locked metal box and contact your local authorities.

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