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5 Bands That Are The Future Of Rock And Metal!

It’s an amazing time for music, one where we have more listenable options open to us than ever before. And this number is only increasing with each day as we are given the ability to find new bands from resources such as Pandora, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and much, much more. But with that vast amount of possibility lies a loneliness. After all, how can we hope to find great new music when there are so many options ahead of us?

Well my lovely readers, allow me to offer some suggestions, shall I? Without further ado, I present to you 5 Bands That Are The Future Of Rock And Metal! Head on below to see which bands I think are gonna be at the forefront of these beloved genres!

This list is in no particular order

Dead Sara

These LA female-fronted rockers encapsulate everything that is great about the rock genre. It’s raw, it’s dangerous, it has no frills, and it just kicks all sorts of ass. Singer Emily Armstrong (interview) wails, croons, howls, and flat out pummels you with her voice while guitarist Siouxsie Medley rips out one filthy, sexy riff after another.

Heaven’s Basement

Hailing from the UK, I described these guys as, “…the Guns N’ Roses of the 21st Century.” That’s a claim I refuse to back down from. Much like Dead Sara, Heaven’s Basement don’t play rock unless it’s dangerous and bound to get you going. Their debut full-length release, Filthy Empire (review), has been on constant rotation with me and it looks like it’ll be a guaranteed entry in my Top 10 Albums Of 2013.


I’m convinced that Australia is the new breeding ground for fantastic rock acts. I mean, there’s already Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus. Now we’ve got Strangers. These boys from Down Under have a great mix of modern infectious hard rock along and unexpected melodic passages. This is a band that will keep you on your toes as much as it gets your head banging.

Knee High Fox

I was lucky enough to hear some songs from the LA punk-rock group Knee High Fox and while I can’t go into many specifics, I can tell you that the overall impression that I came away with is that they’re Rob Zombie with female vocals. Since there hasn’t been anyone that I can think of off the top of my head that fits that description, I can’t see them going anywhere but straight up.


Okay, so this one might raise some eyebrows as they’re already fairly well established and have been making a lot of waves in the metal circuit. However, the band has also been hit with several setbacks since their signing to Century Media Records, losing not one but two singers, which would delay at the least and dissolve at the most any other band. However, these UK prog-metal masters are nothing if not unstoppable. Listening to their music is a hypnotic experience, one that has lulled me into a state where I don’t even realize that I’ve been listening to their music for several hours. Their infectious blend of tech metal, stunning layering and production, and gorgeous clean vocal harmonies make their challenging structure more of a welcome than a turn off. For those of you who are trying to introduce some of your friends to metal, TesseracT would be a perfect place to start.

Alright readers, what are some bands that you’re into that you think are gonna make it big and blow the socks off of everyone? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Skullbone

    The Heavens Basement is not too bad.

    Some bands that seem to be gaining some steam here in Europe are Amaranthe who just released their new album ‘The Nexus’ and has topped some metal charts here and in the states. There is also a very young thrash band from here in Finland called Lost Society that has a killer album that just released. And for a classic rock feel Sweden’s Free Fall with their new album, Power and Volume is really good. Also, Ohio based The Unclean has some dirty rock and roll.

    • HorrorFromDownUnder

      The future of metal = Evile, Havok, Skeletonwitch, Warbringer etc.

  • Pantera30

    Maybe for mainstream FOX news cock suckers. Pussy ass bands to make kids more “emo” and pee on their hair to look cool.

    It’s all about Infant Annihilator!!!!! Brutal metal that is awesome not some whiny tampon pop chart bloody waste

    • Skullbone

      Jeff Waters and Co. have been going a long time. I always liked their song City of Ice thought it was really cool.

  • VictorCrowley

    Nothing against the poster, but my stomach cringed when I read the title of the article. For me, all music is at an all-time low. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the majority of it is shit. Can’t relate. Lyrics don’t speak to me and the sounds are too computerized most of the time. Aside from my favorite bands from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s — I find myself going back further and further into the past when I want to hear something new.

    I used to laugh at artists like Johnny Cash when I was a kid growing up. Now days, there aren’t many musicians I’d rather hear. Megadeth, old school ‘Tallica, Ozzy, Zeppelin, early 80’s Def Leppard……thats where it’s at for me.

    I guess I’m getting old……

    I’m more inclined to agree with this poster’s earlier topic of there being another Metallica level band. I don’t see that happening, ever.

    • VictorCrowley

      NOT* being another Metallica level band, that is.

    • no man I’m 20 and when I was 15 realized I didn’t like what I was listening to anymore. it just became more and more idk unrecognizable as music. my cousin left his Nirvana’s greatest hits album at my house and before you know it I was hosting a classic rock show on my high school radio station playing Rush, Van Halen, and Boston. now I can just relax and listen to the Moody Blues, or some legit Blues like Albert King or some early Clapton. lets hope there will be a Renascence in music.

  • STRIK9

    There is nothing ‘metal’ about these bands at all and if this is the future, I’ll GLADLY stay stuck in the past. Metal’s past IS the future. Bands such as Testament, Alice in chains, Anthrax, Deftones, Cradle of filth, Kreator, Iron maiden, and countless others are all innovative bands from years ago and continue to leave their influence and are as strong as ever today. You can have ‘the devil wears prada’ and all those other corny mall-core bands lol!

  • Skullbone

    I also think if you want to see what the future of metal could be look to your Europe based bands more like from Germany, Sweden and Finland.

  • SkullBunnie

    How in the hell is Knee High Fox, Rob Zombie with female vocals?
    They sound like music from the soundtrack of a Teen rom com.

    What about bands like Kamikaze Test Pilots,Winds of Plague, etc

  • AllNightmareLong

    The only band that has the potential of taking over for Metallica is Volbeat, they are filling smaller venues now and within 5 years I’ll bet they are headlining stadiums. Black Sabbath-Metallica-Volbeat: each band changed the the genre and became trend setters.

    • Stonker

      I’m probably on-board with this comment. I’m not a huge fan of the vocals but they’ve got some epic riffing going on.

  • jmr1986

    If this is the future then we are fucking screwed

  • porcupinetheater

    In the Silence is a great new one, providing some prog metal variation on a Katatonia inspired sound.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I was just turned onto them recently. Still gotta do a bit more listening but I’m liking what I’m hearing!

  • FIXXXER0666

    Seriously? Metal? *shakes head….vigorously* If this is the future of metal, I have a bullet with my name on it.

  • Iceghoul

    This is not the future of metal. In my opinion the current future of metal and rock is bands like Ghost BC. No other new artist is even on the same level.

    • ktn

      lol, its the second time i hear about this band in this site, i listened to two songs and… i didnt find anything special yet(though two songs is too early). Could you recommend the “strongest” songs they have written?

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    I find your lack of Animals as Leaders disturbing. Easily my favorite band in the last 5 years.

    • JonathanBarkan

      They’re definitely a great band! Tosin was a fantastic interview and a genuinely nice and interesting guy.

  • Chainsaw Graphics

    If this is the future,.. I want no part of it. Emo sounding shit is what I just heard,.. thanks for wasting my time.

  • Stonker

    If I studied crap music my entire life, If I dedicated my every waking hour to the discovery of newer crapper emo bands, if I searched the universe and every possible alternate reality I would not have came up with a worse list than this. I salute you sir. You have shown me the true way. I could try my entire life and never have this bad a taste in music. You have outdone yourself. Take the rest of the year, nay, your entire life off. Your work is done.

    If this is the future of rock and metal then I would rather be flogged senseless with a knotted rope whilst having electrodes attached to my testicles.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Glad you enjoyed the list! 😀

  • mav07

    where is Steel Panther on this list? they ARE rock and metal

  • Skratchy

    Considering I go out of my way constantly to find new awesome metal, I find it intriguing that the only band hear I’ve heard of here is TesseracT. Then again, I prefer my metal on the more progressive, less poppy side. Surprised, and a bit relieved, that you didn’t add Periphery to this list.

  • PeteyHalfSox

    the future sounds fucking AWFUL!!!

  • RoMeR

    Yeah, that’s a very sad list. Nothing close to what some bands can do- that is more “horror” like. Bands like DevilDriver, Lamb of God, and Slipknot are “horror flick” style bands if you ask me. And they may not even plan it that way, but they go so far and so serious into the darkness, its just like a over-the-top bloody horror flick. Not just some next generation pop bands someone is trying to plug..

  • TheWalkingFlat

    F*CK the Future of METAL…
    We already got all the Stuff we need…
    This shitty modern emo-lesbian-digital-Bullshit have nothin to do with METAL.
    Call it pop-Metal, call it Digital-Rock, call it Emo-lickin-vagina-metal
    but dont call this METAL or Rock…
    Kids, grow some Ballz..

  • Justincaseboy

    All I’ve got to add is…. Crossfaith.

  • Owwstin

    You all need to check out Hacktivist, they are going to be huge.

  • Skullbone

    Anyone listen to Year of the Goat???

  • Meshugganaut

    Okay, to each their own at the end of the day, and I’m not gonna rip on someone over their own choice of taste in music. So if I sound like I’m doing that, it’s not my intention
    *Yeah, there’s a ‘BUT’ coming *, and here it is; I can’t help but feel like these choice of selected bands above are a personal taste. The caption ‘Future of Metal and Rock’, just doesn’t seem to hit with these chosen bands above.
    I mean, look at Lamb Of God or Machine Head or even Slipknot, if you’re talking about the future of metal. Love them of hate them, either way it can’t be denied that they carry the flag of metal. I’d even say the same for Mastodon, and that’s not excluding the old schoolers who are still kicking all kinds of ass and will continue to do so. But to say that those bands above are ‘The Future’ is quite a bold statement. Lamb Of God, just as an example, are getting bigger with each album, but they still have an underground feel to them, just like Pantera had, and the same can be said for other bands, but the list will go on and on etc.
    Maybe the caption should have been,’Bands that I would like to see as the future of Rock and Metal’ *I’m not been a smart-ass by saying that*

  • violentdope

    None of these bands are the future of metal.Gojira,Meshuggah,Lamb of God,Deftones…now these bands are the future of metal…

  • violentdope

    Im still confused…none of this is metal…they sound like pop bands…maybe Tesseract other than that really lame bands..

  • viking1983

    very poor list except for tesseract, 5 bands that are definitely the future are mastodon, in flames, lamb of god, tesseract and periphery, in flames are the kings of modern metal

  • feck

    the only “newish” metal band I really dig is Killswitch Engage. (digging their new disc, their last one with Howard sucked) They are the closest thing, especially riff wise, to a new Pantera (my all time fave metal band). Lamb of God have their moments too.

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