Boom! Launches 'Suicide Risk' From 'Unrwitten' Creator - Bloody Disgusting!

Boom! Launches ‘Suicide Risk’ From ‘Unrwitten’ Creator

Boom! Studios announces a new project from Eisner Award-nominated author Mike Carey (“X-Men”, “The Unwritten”) and artist Elena Casagrande. Suicide Risk sees super-powered humans popping up across the globe, and most of them are using their powers for evil. Humanity is on the brink of destruction and police officer Leo Winters is one of the only good guys left.

“Suicide Risk” #1 will arrive in stores on May 1st, 2013.

Official Press Release:

April 3, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA – This May, BOOM! Studios proudly launches SUICIDE RISK, the first original ongoing series from an independent publisher by Eisner Award-nominated author Mike Carey (X-MEN, THE UNWRITTEN). The highly anticipated series will feature interiors by artist Elena Casagrande (HULK, HACK/SLASH).

Super-powered people are inexplicably rising from the streets and there’s a big problem: Too many supervillains, not enough superheroes. Heroes are dying, and cops are dying twofold. Humanity is under-powered and good people are suffering untold tragedies trying to stem the flow. Beat cop Leo Winters is one of those struggling to make a difference. And the answer just might come in the form of two lowlifes with a dark secret. SUICIDE RISK is a high octane, mind-bending series created by one of the industry’s greatest storytellers.

“SUICIDE RISK is a story set against the backdrop of the world’s first ever superpower activations – a fast-spreading trend with a single moving source and a million unintended consequences,” explained Mike Carey. “When cop Leo Winters goes looking for a man and a woman who are literally selling superpowers on the street, he triggers a series of events which will change his life and the lives of those he loves forever – and potentially, end the world. What I love about writing this book (I mean, besides working with Elena) is that it’s outside of any existing continuity. We can make our own rules and then play out the consequences all the way.”

SUICIDE RISK #1 will arrive in stores on May 1st with with a cover by Tommy Lee Edwards (MARVEL 1985, TURF) and a retail price of $3.99 under Diamond order code of MAR130918. The premier issue will also feature a retailer incentive cover by Stephanie Hans (YOUNG AVENGERS).