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NARR8 Valentine’s Comic Contest Winner Announced!

NARR8 is an innovative new digital publishing company that delivers a diverse array of interactive novels and motion comics across genres. NARR8 recently held a Valentine’s Day Comic Contest, where fans submitted their stories about their “Wildest Romantic Night”. The winner was to receive an original comic drawn up of their story.

NARR8 has given us the scoop that Jake Baker is that winner. A hearty congrats to Jake! Below you can check out further details on his bizarre tale of romance, as well as the drawn up comic.

Jake’s Story:

One night on a warm Indian summer night in San Francisco, a man entered upon the secret alley. His tattoos jutting out of his turquoise shirt, the smiling beard caught a glance of a purple pig-tailed woman with cherry-red lips from across the room. The game of Ping-Pong commenced where this woman would tease the bearded man for being “too slow at whacking balls!” Repeatedly sticking him in the back he glanced back at her as she pulled up her skirt to confuse his game! This temptress laughed at her power over this bearded tattooed man of smiles…

Once the evening finished they went out for some “local” Peruvian food. Small talk commenced – the adventurous suggestion of driving to the edge of the ocean to watch the sun sink into the world. The hours to follow led to the marriage proposal amongst hundred of Ping-Pong enthusiasts in the grove of Golden Gate Park.

Forever lived foreplay by balls.

Forever bouncing.



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