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You Have Three Days To Grab ‘Killing Floor,’ Its Soundtrack And All DLC For $1 (Or More)

If you haven’t played the fantastic cooperative horror game Killing Floor, I highly recommend you get on that. It’s like Left 4 Dead, only terrifying, because instead of 28 Days Later infected coming at you, there are terrifying hell-creatures. You can also play it with five friends, instead of three, and trust me, you’re going to want as much firepower as you can get on your side as possible.

If money’s an issue for you, it isn’t anymore! Rather, it isn’t an excuse you can use for not owning this game. Thanks to the Humble Bundle, you can grab Killing Floor, its soundtrack, and all eleven DLC for a dollar — or more, as you decide the price. Full list of DLC can be found after the jump.

The Killing Floor bundle comes with:
Outbreak Character Pack
Nightfall Character Pack
PostMortem Character Pack
“London’s Finest” Character Pack
Steampunk Character Pack
Steampunk Character Pack 2
Ash Harding Character Pack
Urban Nightmare Character Pack
Harold Lott Character Pack
Community Weapon Pack
The Chickenator Pack

If you’re a horror fan, this is a game worth supporting. You can do that here.

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