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“Psych” Star To Ladle On The ‘Gravy’

if memory serves, I’ve only seen one episode of “Psych.” It was a Halloween episode that sort of paid tribute to Friday The 13th and it was over 5 years ago. But it at least showed that star James Roday had some kind of propensity for horror. Now he’s writing (along with Todd Harthan) and directing Gravy, and indie horror comedy that apparently gets pretty messy.

The film, “follows a group that descends on a Mexican cantina on Halloween with a taste for more than what is on the menu.” So they’re obviously keeping things vague for now.

The cast is impressive though. Sarah Silverman, Michael Weston, Jimmi Simpson, Sutton Foster, Lily Cole, Gabourey Sidibe, Paul Rodriguez, Molly Ephraim, Lothaire Bluteau, Gabriel Luna and Ethan Sandler star.

We’ll keep you posted as to when this thing starts shooting.



  • DeadInHell

    Sounds interesting. I always enjoy the Psych Halloween episodes, particularly the Friday the 13th/April Fool’s Day homage. James Roday probably has a better idea of what makes horror work than a lot of people working in the genre (Rob Zombie, DIABLO CODY, cough cough).

  • Evan3

    What an odd cast. I will say though, Psych really loves its horror. In addition to the pretty great F13 parody, they have also done an exorcism, mummy, Hitchcock, and werewolf episode. Also, Roday was in an episode of that Fear Itself show.

  • he was also on that Friday the 13th series documentary a few years back

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