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Old And New School Meet In ‘Deadly Walkers’

Just announced from companies Animantz and Dysotek, is the first person zombie shooter called Deadly Walkers. What they are pushing however is what sets them apart from most of the other droll zombie shooters. You MUST shoot a zombie in the head to kill it. I know, that sounds like a no brainer (eh? eh?). A lot of zombie games let you unload on a zombie and if you fill it with enough bullets it dies. They also move slow. Very slow. We’re talking early early zombie movie slow. But if you’re not careful you can get surrounded by massive hordes of them. Trailer, screens, and more past the break!

Feature Highlights:

Single mode and online multiplayer with players vs zombies. (1)
3D graphics with real animations in motion capture.
Actor voices and adrenalinic soundtrack for a terrifying play experience.
9 levels to complete through the beautiful city of London.
Game based on an exciting and full of tension story with NPCs, main and secondary missions.
Gameplay full of horror, gore and death.
Hordes of zombies for a terrifying and breathless action.
Powerful melee and fire weapons to enjoy the zombies destruction experience.
Tons of achievements to unlock.
Worldwide leaderboard of the best players.
Text subtitles in 12 languages.
100% DRM free.

The game is played single player only. However they will soon be launching a Kickstarter to help fun the development of the multiplayer. In the campaign you are one of the last soldiers left fighting to save London. Your mission is to find patient 0 so the Laboratory of Disease Control can attempt to make an antivirus.



  • ichabodjstephens

    so what console?

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Ah sorry forgot. Mac and PC only.

  • weresmurf

    WOW that looks fucking ABYSMAL… terrible graphics, horrible hit detection and the death animations are exactly the same. Shithouse production values. It looks like it was made around 2004. Throw this in the bargain bin where Survival Instinct should be an you’ve got two games that fit the Giant douche vs Turd Sandwich ideal.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Haha my favorite is the incredibly repetitive zombies. Like that girl who in the main photo is there twice.

      • BurnTheBlueSky

        No wait, 3 times.

  • Introverted Surd

    Sheelshock 2 blood trails had headshot only zombies and people so you couldn’t get to used to a single stratergy.
    Deadly Walkers just doesn’t seem that good to me from the trailer. If you want headshot zombies just go play shellshock 2 because it was fun and this doesn’t seem that fun.

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