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‘Electronic Arts’, The Worst Company In America Again. Maybe Next Year They’re Going For A Three Peat!

Come on guys, what the hell is going on over there? Are there THAT many butt hurt gamers out there? The Consumerist released their results for the WCIA (Worst Companies In America) today, and like clockwork E.A. gets top billing 2 years running. The Consumerist gave them an award for 2 consecutive golden poos. Possibly the best name for an award ever. E.A. is criticized for everything a game company could do wrong. Selling overpriced games, micro transactions, cranking out tons of mediocre products, terrible customer service and more. Head over to The Consumerist for the full story. It’s all coming down to which turd floats higher in the bowl. In the end, they’re all still turds. E.A. had better make some changes. What do you guys think? Who does your worst company vote go to?



  • EvanDickson

    I’d say Monsanto, Bank Of America etc… are most definitely worse.

    • huntermc

      …Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Halliburton, BP, etc. None of them are as bad as the company that makes video games that I don’t like! And as shitty as their games may or may not be, like clockwork there will be a new Call of Duty this fall and tens of millions of players will buy it.

      • BurnTheBlueSky

        Activision publishes Call Of Duty, not E.A.

  • Incinerated

    So, does The Consumerist get the golden poo-pooing award twice in a row now? Cause that seems silly to think EA is that bad.

  • romeostruedude

    Yes. They deserve it. THEY FUCKED WITH MY MONEY AND WOULDN’T GIVE ME A REFUND FOR A GAME THEY DIDN’T EVEN COMPLETE! They support gay rights and that is awesome. But, they go to say that it’s anti-gays who view the company as the worst…like…come on! Really, they are greedy and they treat their costumers like shit. They deserve every cent lost! Once you mess with my money for entertainment…and not deliver…You better prepare for some anger from a person who was willing to spend hard earned money to support your product and to earn a chance to play it.

    Go to hell EA. It’s below your feet. I will guide you if you need directions.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Having micro transactions alone makes them one of the worst companies. Like I’ve said before, making people pay more for stuff that should’ve already been in the damn game is wrong. Greedy greedy.

    • Jasonicus

      The microtransactions are a joke. Example. Theme Park for iOS. One ride costs over $40 of real cash. One fucking ride. Who thinks of this shit?

  • Jasonicus

    If you really think they aren’t that bad and don’t understand why, use Google and research. They are a mess. Every game has some kind of issue which causes a lot of frustration and lost money. Doesn’t matter what platform. They have no customer service and just simply don’t give a shit about their paying customers. They deserve all of the hate until they fix things.

  • ljbad

    I’v done some work on games, and EA was the worst company I ever had to deal with. My experience with them helped convince me to leave the gaming industry and just focus on animation for films and shorts instead.

  • bambi_lives8980

    I understand people being pissed what with the day one dlc and shit, but one the other hand, don’t fucking buy it, like me. Yea I understand it’s bad business with the fanbase, but fuck they’re not gonna stop so just stop paying attention, don’t buy into it, and you’ll be fine. Many of the games that I own are EA (in fact I own more games from EA than any other publisher)and most all of them are badass, and a few my absolute favorites from my collection.

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