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‘Electronic Arts’, The Worst Company In America Again. Maybe Next Year They’re Going For A Three Peat!

Come on guys, what the hell is going on over there? Are there THAT many butt hurt gamers out there? The Consumerist released their results for the WCIA (Worst Companies In America) today, and like clockwork E.A. gets top billing 2 years running. The Consumerist gave them an award for 2 consecutive golden poos. Possibly the best name for an award ever. E.A. is criticized for everything a game company could do wrong. Selling overpriced games, micro transactions, cranking out tons of mediocre products, terrible customer service and more. Head over to The Consumerist for the full story. It’s all coming down to which turd floats higher in the bowl. In the end, they’re all still turds. E.A. had better make some changes. What do you guys think? Who does your worst company vote go to?




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