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Want More ‘Evil Dead’ In Australia? Let ‘Em Know!



While FilmDistrict and TriStar’s Evil Dead continues to be a #1 here in the states, not every fan that’s been dying to see it is getting the chance. Especially in Australia. It seems like an initial wide release for the film has been altered into a limited release in four theaters across the country – and one of those is for only one showing.

We’ve gotten a few emails about this, so we figured we’d spread the word and point you to a couple of petition sites at Change.org and Facebook.

While I’m not sure about the hows and whys around the release plan, I would encourage anyone who clicks on those links to write something to be respectful. I’ve seen a lot of simplistic, angry and erroneous thinking on them – it’s important to realize that people listen more when you intelligently and respectfully plead your case. One way to not get your way is to threaten to steal the movie. Be more original!

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