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Want More ‘Evil Dead’ In Australia? Let ‘Em Know!

While FilmDistrict and TriStar’s Evil Dead continues to be a #1 here in the states, not every fan that’s been dying to see it is getting the chance. Especially in Australia. It seems like an initial wide release for the film has been altered into a limited release in four theaters across the country – and one of those is for only one showing.

We’ve gotten a few emails about this, so we figured we’d spread the word and point you to a couple of petition sites at and Facebook.

While I’m not sure about the hows and whys around the release plan, I would encourage anyone who clicks on those links to write something to be respectful. I’ve seen a lot of simplistic, angry and erroneous thinking on them – it’s important to realize that people listen more when you intelligently and respectfully plead your case. One way to not get your way is to threaten to steal the movie. Be more original!

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  • djblack1313

    for some reason Australia (and i think New Zealand) always/often get shafted when it comes to various movie releases. i hope the people who want to see this in theaters there get to.

  • c-s-a78

    this has pissed me right off!!!we didnt get any horror movies for a long time here now.australia is getting too politically correct!!!thats the problem.we all missed out on:silent hill 2 in 3D/texas chainsaw 3D now evil going to ring sony australia & talk about this very bad decision on the phone.ill let you guys know what they say!!!
    …hail to the king…

  • Serrins-Toes

    @c-s-a78, It’s more likely that Australia isn’t a big enough market for broad scale genre releases.

    At 2010, we contributed ~15% to the box office expenditure in the Asia/Pacific market; we also contributed a paltry ~4% to the global market.
    When you take into consideration that the majority of that expenditure would likely be on blockbuster films, the expected income for Sony Australia on a film like The Evil Dead would be small. Small enough to not warrant investment in local distribution.

    So no, I don’t think this has much to do with Australia being too politically correct. I’m not even sure where you managed to pull that from.

    Expenditure Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers, 2011, Outlook Australia Entertainment and Media 2011-2015.

    • c-s-a78

      well we get shit like…paranormal activity/scary movie 5…just to name a why not evil dead…its cos its rated “R”!!!i saw hostel 1 & 2 here in newcastle NSW,and people where were horrified!thats what i mean about politically correct.every one here in this shitty town wont eat McDonald’s or any fast food because its too fatty,or you cant drink a can of soft drink when you walk around here cos of its sugar content.its bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      stop worrying about shit like that and “R” rated movies and live life.

  • antman

    Thank you kindly Bloody Disgusting for posting this. I am from Perth, Australia and have been on the and wagon to get this film released Australia Wide. It’s very disappointing that for whatever the reason (we are a FREE country) we get very few horror films over here. In recent time we have missed out on blockbusters such as ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ ‘Dark Skies’ ‘The Last Exorcism Part 2’ ‘Mama to name just a few. Now with the news that we are going to miss out on ‘Evil Dead’ is unacceptable, UN-Australian and is just encouraging people to continuously download films as NO ONE is going to wait until the END of the year to download the movie. Please help our cause and write on SONY Pictures Australia’s facebook wall and as mentioned above PLEASE sign this petition (link above). Believe it or not in Australia we LOVE horror films as much as the rest of you but are constantly denied the right to go see them.

  • Zombie-Dude

    This is bullshit. A month ago it was listed as coming out in major theaters here, now it’s disappeared from those sites. The reason the market isn’t big enough here is because we always get screwed over when it comes to horror. We never got Texas Chainsaw 3D either. Sure I heard it was average but the character and title are so well known everywhere that it would have made some decent money here. I’ll definitely be signing the petition.

  • Marrow

    JUST found out this is getting a tiny limited release over here in New Zealand in one weeks time. It was originally scheduled for late August. CRAZY excited.

    The only problem is… I might not be able to actually get INTO the cinema. Even if I drag my dad along, the inevitable R18 rating is still a legal restriction, making us criminals for wanting to watch a movie.

  • swp1988

    OK, this is just bloody annoying. Nearly a month ago now I created a petition and a Facebook page for Sony Pictures NZ to bring Evil Dead to theaters earlier than August 22nd. I share everywhere and anywhere. I even PM’d on their Facebook page and sent them an email…and I got no word.

    AND NOW YOU ARE POSTING THIS FOR AUSTRALIA’S ISSUE!?!?!? Where was this post for us in NZ when we needed it the most? Thankfully Sony Pictures NZ heard the calls of the fans and the petition I made and are doing the same here as in Australia, but we only get three cinemas. Had I got an entire post like this when I needed the signatures the most, maybe I could have done more.

    Nice going guys (sarcasm).

  • Serrins-Toes

    It’d be cool if the local distributor opted for more screenings at more venues. I’ve got no interest in the film, no interest at all, but it’d still be cool.

    @c-s-a78, Paranormal Activity or Scary Movie 5 were both rated M. The restricted Evil Dead release is shit. Calling anything you don’t like “politically correct” is also shit.

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