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The 5 Rob Zombie Films From Worst To Best!!!

Rob Zombie is most certainly a talented visualist, but he’s an inconsistent storyteller. That being said, I’ve found something to appreciate (and dislike) in almost all of his films and I figured now would be as good a time as any to take a look at his filmography. If anything, he does deserve some credit for having his own vision.

His upcoming The Lords of Salem hits limited theaters (New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Detroit) on April 19th from Anchor Bay Films, and I also thought it would be interesting to discuss my thoughts on the film within the larger context of his overall filmography.

The film “tells the tale of Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio station DJ living in Salem, Massachusetts, who receives a strange wooden box containing a record, a “gift from the Lords.” Heidi listens, and the bizarre sounds within the grooves immediately trigger flashbacks of the town’s violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the “Lords of Salem” returning for revenge on modern-day Salem?

Head inside for The 5 Rob Zombie Films From Worst To Best!!


This is obviously Zombie’s worst outing, and I think most of us can agree on that. While I appreciate the fact that he was trying to do something new with the franchise, the intent behind his departure rang false. You simply can’t explain why Michael Myers is evil, he’s evil incarnate. Zombie tried to remove the “incarnate” part by setting up a nature vs. nurture argument (in which nurture clearly wins) and trafficking in the white-trash iconography that had served him well in his previous work. It doesn’t serve him well here, though. Nor does the protracted amount of time we spend in the asylum or the 3rd act that tries to remake the events of the 1978 original at hyper-speed.


While not an entirely successful film, Halloween 2 at least has the courtesy to be interestingly bizarre. Malcolm McDowell’s Loomis is an entirely different character than in the first movie, which is entertaining if you can get onboard with it. I have no idea what the white horse business is about, but there you go again. If anything, it just feels like a hallucination of a Rob Zombie movie – which I’m almost okay with. Even if I have almost no idea why I’m supposed to like Laurie, the kills are sufficiently brutal.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this movie but my overall impression of it was that it was rather fun. After a gonzo opening, it struggles mightily with its tone and visual aesthetic, but it never really becomes boring. This is Zombie still finding his voice during his transition into film, and the parts of it that do click work well enough.


This movie is an utter failure on the narrative front, but it looks amazing. Maybe it’s the breath of fresh air effect after having been in Haddonfield for so long, but it’s nice to catch up with Zombie’s growth outside of the Halloween films. There are many legitimately creepy moments and some astoundingly cool shots that make this endeavor worthwhile in some regard. Like I said, the story fails to engage and Sheri Moon’s performance as Heidi isn’t consistent – but it’s good eye candy. In fact, some of it is downright beautiful.


Far and away Zombie’s strongest film, The Devil’s Rejects transforms the tentative beginnings of House Of 1,000 Corpses into something far more assured. This is an ugly, menacing, visceral and funny movie – and it’s certainly the best approximation of the Rob Zombie aesthetic (as I understand it) currently committed to celluloid. Rejects is the only film currently eligible for this list that punches you in the gut and makes you feel something.



  • weresmurf

    Top 5? Aren’t there ONLY 5?

    • AHandsomeManAppears

      The title doesn’t say Top 5, it says ‘The 5’.

      • weresmurf

        Pretty sure it said top 5 earlier unless they changed it.

        • EvanDickson

          @weresmurf it never said “Top 5”. I was aware that he only had five when I was writing it, this is a ranking of his filmography.

          • weresmurf

            Ok, then it’s my bad, I apologise Evan 🙂

    • IAmHorror2

      There are actually 6 if you count The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. That being said, I hate when people say Michael Myers is “supposed to be” evil incarnate and we aren’t supposed to know his motivation for killing. That is true of the John Carpenter version, but this isn’t a sequel to that film so it shouldn’t have to follow it’s rules. It is Rob Zombie’s own version so he should be allowed to make his own character however he wants. The born evil version of Michael works perfectly in John Carpenter’s version just like the unstable family version of Michael works perfectly in Rob’s version. They are not the same Michael Myers because they are not my films. That’s my 2 cents anyways. Agree or disagree, it’s my opinion.

      • doomas10

        Exactly! Hello, similar minded fan 🙂

      • coldblood

        I thought that The Haunted World of El Superbeasto was great! I’m not sure why the critics bagged on it, everyone that I know loved it.

      • IAmHorror2

        I meant to say “they aren’t the same films” not “they are not my films.” I hate typos.

        • Michael_M

          BD does need to offer an edit feature for its forums that is available on other sites.

      • Grayceon

        Nope, you’re wrong. There shouldn’t even be a “Rob Zombie version” to begin with.

        • WalkWithMeInDarkness


        • IAmHorror2

          I can’t see how I’m wrong. If people want to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween all over again, they should just watch it and not the remake. It bothers me how people complain when a remake is too different than the original, yet also complain when it is too similar (like in the case of Psycho). People should’ve known what to expect after seeing Rob’s two previous films. If he didn’t remake it, someone else probably would have and it could’ve ended up a lot worse.

      • anmo96


  • divisionbell

    How did the Halloween sequel rank higher than the first? The second was atrocious.

    House was def number one and then either Devil’s rejects or Halloween.

    • Heff

      agreed,H2 over H1….who made that list? Halloween 2 was ok at best and I rank it #5 even though I haven’t seen lords of salem

  • otruja

    Best – House of 1000 corpses
    Better – Lords Of Salem
    Bad – HALLOWEEN 2
    Worse – HALLOWEEN


    • weresmurf

      Best: Devils Rejects
      Better: H1kC
      Good: Halloween
      Bad: Halloween 2

      Haven’t seen LoS yet so can’t tell.

      • DeadManZombieFan

        Good: Devils Rejects
        Okay: Halloween
        Bad: House Of 1000 Corpses
        Awful: Halloween 2

    • Scordan-Jadler

      I agree with Otruja on this one…House of 1,000 Corpses is definitely my favorite. And I also agree that Lords of Salem comes as a close second. There hasn’t been a “witchcraft” movie of that magnitude in some time, and I thought Mr. Zombie did a wonderful job creating a seriously creepy mood. The scene with the neon cross sign was wonderfully off-putting.

  • doomas10

    I completely disagree with the opinion about the “Halloween” remake and its sequel. As you pointed out, he tried something different, his camera work and visual palette was incredible and Malcolm McDowell as Loomis was an excellent casting choice. MM was scary again and I like the psychological aspect. Sure it took away something that we loved about the character, but the new take was needed in my humble opinion rather than watching the same stuff again. As for H2, it still has some of the most shocking scenes in the history of horror -Annie’s death- heard but not seen. For me these two films are VASTLY underrated for the sake of it. But everyone in the own opinion 😀

    From bottom to top:


    and looking forward to see here in the uk, the “lords”!

  • truchainsaw28

    Completely disagree with this. I think House of 01000 corpses(4.5/5) was his best movie so imaginative. Followed by devil rejects(4/5) and than Halloween(4/5). I haven’t seen Lords of Salem but Halloween 2(2.5/5) is the worst.

  • diapers

    Rob Zombie films confuse me and generally cause migraines to develop in my skull. That being said, the only one I have not been able to make it through (in two attempted viewings so far) is Halloween 2. It just seemed so goddman mean spirited and pointless, even if that was the overall point. Serbian Film and stuff like Guinea Pig 2 I find lighthearted by comparison. Screw Rob Zombie.

  • Dr.Darkness

    Evan, are you feeling OK in your brain? I mean, effin’ REALLY?!?

    Like others here, I thing that “House of 1000 Corpses” is by far Zombie’s best movie. This was true, raw, Saturday-night-on-Channel-27 horror that harkened back to the days of “Chainsaw”, “Friday the 13th” and “Phantasm”. The psychological horror aspect transitions into a visceral discomfort that so few movies are able to invoke.

    That said, the follow up “Devil’s Rejects” was… awful. I found myself bored twenty minutes in, and the third act made the previous two completely pointless.

    People who compare Zombie’s “Halloween” to Carpenter’s may as well be comparing Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” to Vincent Price’s “Last Man on Earth”. They are based on the same story, yes, but they have very different ideas as to the nature of the horror, the evil, and of Michael himself. I was able to watch Zombie’s take on it as a story unto itself, and I liked it. I think taking the time to evolve the evil from what some might call real world experiences, then turning that creature into a supernatural monster, was genius.

    Again, though, I found the follow-up to be less than exciting, and the confusion of the hallucinations/visions just made it hard to sit though.

    I’m hoping that “Lords of Salem” will be fantastic, and that it will be a one-off, a singular story. I would hate to be subjected to another disappointing sequel.

    I mean no disrespect, Evan. Perhaps I have simply been watching different movies for different reasons and for a lot longer than you. (snark and sarcasm implied)

    • Sinestro

      Yea, House of 1000 Corpses is hands down one of the best celebrations of horror out there. And The Devil’s Rejects might be better for someone who doesn’t care about horror at all, but I don’t ever watch it just because I’d rather do something darker.
      Now I just rewatched Zombie’s Halloween movies recently, and I have to say I LOVE them. Evan’s original post says that The Devil’s Rejects “punches you in the gut,” but I feel like the Halloween films are throwing punches left and right! The use of audio is incredible; highlighting screams and cutting straight from heartfelt conversations between Michael and his mom in the asylum to brutal violence. THAT makes me feel something.
      There’s a point in my horror-watching experience that my eyes grow wide, I lean forward to absorb as much as possible, my heart starts beating faster, and I sometimes get a creepy grin on my face. The new Evil Dead did it a time or two, but Rob Zombie’s movies do it a lot. He just knows how to embrace the visceral, the suffering, the horror. I haven’t seen The Lords of Salem and I’m not a fan of The Devil’s Rejects solely because it’s not a horror movie, but those Halloween movies and House of 1000 Corpses are some of the best contemporary horror out there.

      • EvanDickson

        @Sinestro – totally respect your opinion on this, but wondering about the reasoning behind “Devil’s Rejects isn’t horror.”

        I feel like it 100% qualifies. What are your reservations about it?

        • Sinestro

          Rejects is more of an homage to crime and western genres instead. It is strongly reminiscent of a Bonnie and Clyde or a lot of 70’s crime films. What I always think of is Near Dark, which is more of a horror/western hybrid. That sequence when they’re trapped in the bungalow with the police outside or the incredible bar scene; that’s where the heart of Rejects lies. It draws on the western and crime road trip vibes, and it celebrates them in the same way that House of 1000 Corpses celebrates horror. It’s like when those characters are in their home environment they’re in control the way I want a slasher to be in control, but when they leave that safe zone they get sloppy and they don’t maintain that same sort of immortality that a Voorhees or a Myers does. Instead, they become criminals. Which really broke my heart honestly. Seeing the uncanny, brutal force of that family broken down and destroyed piece by piece was like when you see Jason or Freddy finally “defeated” in the end of one of those movies. It kills the magic of horror and forces them out into the reality in which the protagonists live. Without that last shot of the grave with the hand reaching out from the soil or the laughter of Freddy when
          they reveal that the happy morning after is only an illusion to reinforce the uncanny nature, it becomes crime instead of horror. Which doesn’t mean it’s bad! Just that it’s not what I want.

          • Sinestro

            Sorry for rambling! On lunch break, typing this up on my phone as quickly as possible.

    • The Wolfman

      No disrespect, but the Vincent Price/Will Smith comparison isn’t at all appropriate. John Carpenter created the story, Zombie did something different with it. Last Man on Earth and I Am Legend were two interpretations of one source story, but Halloween was the original story. Just needed to clear that up, whichever version you like more.

  • Chazz

    So much to say about the Carpenter/Zombie comparisons but logical and reasonable thinking would be shot down so quickly it’s not worth the effort because rose-tinted glasses rule the movie world.


    1. House of 1000 Corpses
    2A. Devils Rejects
    2B. Halloween 1
    3. Halloween 2
    I have not seen Lords of Salem yet but I am looking forward to it.

  • EvanDickson

    Loving the debate guys! Nice to see so many passionate responses regardless of whether you agree or not!

  • The Wolfman

    Lords > Rejects > Corpses > Halloween > H2

  • FormerHuman

    Zombie shouldn’t get let off so easily for El Superbeasto – it’s a film, he made it, it’s terrible, it’s easily the worst thing he’s done on any level. I didn’t think much of Halloween 2, myself, 1000 Corpses is all over the place, Devils Rejects is fun but still messy, I think the first Halloween is probably his best made film, but he’s still no master, he is far too interested in style over substance and really ought to take more time with characters. All this being said, I haven’t seen Lords of Salem and I’m still curious enough to want to watch it, so I’m hoping it’s something better.

  • Aaron Emery

    My input:
    ‘H2’- Best
    ‘Corpses’- 2nd
    ‘Rejects’- 3rd
    ‘Halloween’- Worst
    Haven’t seen ‘Lords’ yet

    • doomas10

      Someone who likes H2, put it first in his list and does not care the negative feedback. You are my hero for today Aaron Emery

      • Aaron Emery

        Thanks! I genuinely think H2 is a good (if not great) film, and not just by Zombie’s standards. After H1 it was destined to get nothing but hate.

        • lovezoid

          Agreed. Recently watched the entire Halloween series including remakes in sequence, and H2 is by far one of the most interesting entries. I think of it like this: Halloween was Rob Zombie making a Halloween film. Halloween 2 was Rob Zombie taking Halloween characters, and making a Rob Zombie film.

        • lovezoid

          And the violence is truly shocking, the sheer hatred and force. The fact that Michael actually makes these grunting noises like some kind of sociopathic tennis player when he kills, it’s brutal.

          • doomas10

            Thank you very much! I couldn’t agree more! Sure it is not a flawless film and suffer from many things – but the psycho aspect is spot on. Performance wise, it is good too!

        • doomas10

          Exactly – visually is astonishing. His camera work is like of a predator stalking its prey. For by far the hospital sequence destroys any horror film outhere. The brutality and not actually the blood-I do not think there is blood at all in the film – shocks me most! H2 is one of the most interesting horror films of the decade for me. They can hate as mush as they want, H2 generates interesting discussion in my book!

          • Aaron Emery

            I say it constantly on here but Annie’s death scene, particularly in the Director’s Cut, is one of the most emotional and heartbreaking death scenes ever in a slasher film! I think if Zombie wasn’t rushed that would have been a perfect film, as it is it’s far better than parts 5-Resurrection in the original series (I have tons of respect for part 3 for trying it’s own thing, actually prefer it over the original sequel).

    • drmb1990

      Just so you know, Halloween was not supposed to be all about MM in the beginning. Carpenter was actually out to make a series of of films about “Halloween” that all intertwined with each other one way or another. So therefore H3SotW was a story all its own. Then the backlash came and they made it all about Myers. Shame really I’m actually curious what they originally wanted to do with the series…

      • drmb1990

        This was pointed at your last comment 😀

      • twoheaded

        Yeah, the original premise was a series of movies, each one a different story that occurs on Halloween, but then Donald Pleasance jokingly tells producer Moustapha Akkad ‘You should just keep making these movies until Halloween #22’. Except the guy didn’t take it as a joke, and ran with that idea over the ‘different story every Halloween’ idea. Then somewhere like 2004, 2005, the guy and his daughter were killed in a hotel explosion in his home country, at which point his son decides ‘Yeah, we never did make it to #22. Rob Zombie has become pretty popular in the movie business of late, let’s get him to do a profitable remake.’ the rest. is history.

    • lovezoid

      Aaron, re: your point below about Annie’s death (didn’t have a reply option down there) – it’s an interesting one. If you know her as Jamie from H4 and H5, then the poignancy of it makes sense. However, out-of-context, that whole sequence perhaps seems a little odd and bizarre since she is the only one of Zombie’s victims to get this treatment. I always thought it would seem a bit strange to someone unfamiliar with Halloween lore. Or is her presence as a main character in both remakes strong enough to warrant that treatment regardless? Interested to know what you think.

      • Aaron Emery

        I grew up watching the original series so I can’t help but to think of Jamie when I see her (in anything). I think (while underdeveloped) she was the most authentic and realist character in H1 but all the characters there were kinda shit. I think that because the few scenes she shared in H2 with Brad Dourif really carried a sense of family I was able to connect more with her death. The way the scene itself was shot (Director’s Cut) interweaving Dourif’s reaction with flashbacks of the murder was very powerful. It is, as far as I can remember, the only death in either film that carries some emotion and true horror, though Octavia Spencer had on hell of a death too.
        The only other time Zombie has showed real emotion in a death like this was when Mary was found barely alive in the shed in ‘Corpses’ but that wasn’t quite as powerful.

        • lovezoid

          That’s a good point, there was a lot more effort made to create that little dysfunctional family vibe with Brackett, Laurie and Annie in H2. Proper character development in a slasher sequel, there’s reason enough to give H2 credit on its own.

  • MsGein

    I myself really liked House of 1000 Corpses, He gave it that whole B Horror feel that I absolutely love! I also really enjoyed Halloween, I like the story behind Michael Myers that Zombie shows us. In my opinion Halloween 2 is the worst of his films. I would have to list them House of 1000, Halloween, Devils then Halloween 2, I have yet to see Lords.

  • cjames

    I haven’t seen Lords of Salem. Am however looking forward to it though. But not sure how anybody could really enjoy House of a 1000 Corpses? It was just gore, gore, gore with no real story telling. It was a film anybody could do that loves gore. Its easy to throw blood on a screen but its the story telling that reels your audience in. And yes I know about filmmaking I’ve been doing long enough. Now the Devils Rejects was a better film. Zombie used a great colour pallet for the feel of the film. Plus the acting was a thousands time better(Even from Sherri Moon). The characters from Corpses weren’t as cartoony in Rejects. But I would have put Zombie’s Halloween 2nd place because he took his own approach to an iconic character and it worked. He also stayed true to some of Carpenter’s vision as well. But Halloween 2 I really don’t know what he was thinking with that one?

  • Paulochainsawmassacre

    Well I’m another person gonna buck the trend I’m afraid, I thought the Halloween remakes were brilliant but have found everything else he’s done to be lacklustre and poorly carried out. Not to mention the concepts of devils rejects and house are just not that scary. Poor annoying characters, silly villains. I can’t for the life of me understand all the hate for Halloween 2. I found both Halloweens to be visceral, gloomy and the expanded story didn’t detract from the originals it enhanced them.

  • JA

    Zombies’ best movie is definitely a debatable subject. Coming from a person who has seen all his movies, Superbeasto hands down, was his worst by far. Even Rob has said that in interviews… Now on to The Lords. I saw this at TIFF and and after the movie my gut told me it was a fucking disaster. Sure the movie looks great but the plot blows and some of the ‘creepy’ scenes are almost laughable, the movie seems very long compared to all of his others… I kinda figured something was up when Rob took a break from editing the movie and had to do a couple of reshoots… And now you have a limited release, the book and a website where I print a Lords coffee mug… He should have shot the hockey movie first and rewrote this script a few more times… With that said I will definitely buy the blu-ray and pause the Sheri moon nude scenes.

  • BelaManiac

    House of 1,000 Corpses is definitely my number one pick. I also haven’t see Lords but I’m excited to give it a try.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i love rob zombie’s Halloween. of course it wasn’t as good as the original. nothing would’ve topped the original no matter who was directing it. in rob’s version at least we got a believable explaination as to why michael went crazy. i don’t what the hell rob was trying to do with the sequal though. i’d probably rank his movies
    1. Halloween/The Devil’s Rejects/House of 1000 Corpses (i love them all equally)
    2. Halloween 2
    i haven’t seen The Lords of Salem Yet.

    • Skull-And-Crossbones

      don’t get me wrong though, i did like Halloween 2 but not as much as the others

  • CFraser90

    I’d rank them. Best to worst

    The Devil’s Rejects
    Halloween 2
    The Lords of Salem
    House of 1000 Corpses

    I never got the absurd feeling of fans that Michael had to be pure evil without explanation, since other than the original he never really was. Any mystique he had was gone by the time Halloween 2 came out in 1981.

    • deadsnow07

      exact same list as mine w/o lords. haven’t seen it yet.

  • TheManInBlack

    You forgot ‘El Superbeasto’! This list is not complete without it. And if you haven’t seen ‘Corpses’ in so long, I’d recommend rewatching it. While it may not have the “punch” of ‘Rejects’, it’s definitely Zombie’s must fun film to date. I watch it every October along with ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ and John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’, and it only gets better each year.

  • LastCubScout

    While Rob Zombie isn’t very good at making an effective horror film, I think he does make decent EXPLOITATION films. I thought his ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ was a pretty good exploitation film. His ‘Halloween’ remake was also an excellent try at an exploitation film for its first 2/3 – unfortunately he shoehorned the original ‘Halloween’ into its last 1/3, and he doomed his film to failure by setting up the inevitable comparison to John Carpenter’s original.

    I do want to come to bat for his ‘Halloween 2’ though. I think that’s one of his best, and unfairly maligned. I liked that one precisely the reason why it’s hated – he tried to do something different and more creative. By filming in Covington GA in the winter, Zombie creates a terrific gloomy autumn atmosphere that doesn’t resemble a baking hot day in Pasadena. I absolutely loved Scout Taylor-Compton’s performance in that film, who is required to be freaked-out, crying, and screaming for the film’s entire running time length. I liked that her happy suburban Laurie from the first film has now morphed into a wounded punk-goth character (that drives a Mitsubishi 3000!). It was refreshing to see her come across an injured Danielle Harris and not only try to seek help, but be genuninely saddened and despondent (as opposed to a typical horror film where they usually run screaming into the wilderness from unconscious people). I do think that the film’s unsatisfying ending keeps this film from being successful, but there are way too many good and intrguing scenes for me to discount the film totally. Perhaps this film may find its audience years down the line.

    Now, if only Zombie would actually come out with ‘Werewolf Women of the SS’…

  • dr.lamb

    My two cents: Most of his output is entertaining, but hell is it meaningless and stupid. That’s all.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    I don’t know what order to put all these films in, but for me, Halloween and Halloween 2 would be the worst. I know from the comments that there are those of you who love them and like that Zombie tried to put his own spin on it and I respect that, but I’m sorry if i prefer Carpenter’s evil Michael to Zombie’s psycho Michael. The psychological aspect kills the supernatural aspect and Zombie himself has constantly referred to Michael as crazy. Well, if that’s the case and he’s insane rather than a supernatural force of evil, then why is he still walking away from being shot 3 times by Loomis? And then, shot in the HEAD by Laurie, but yet still alive to terrorize people in the sequel. If he’s just a psycho, he should be DEAD after that. Also, even though the year is never given, the first act absolutely screams 70s, but when we jump forward 17 years, it looks like the late 2000s. Even a crew person behind the scenes talked about dressing the Myers’ house from seventies to present day. The time frame seems pretty fucked up. The characters were not interesting, Laurie was especially annoying, and the film wasn’t the least bit scary. As for H2, that film, in my opinion, is an absolute abomination. Let me stress, I mean NO DISRESPECT to any of you who like it, it just didn’t work for me at all. Okay, so now that that’s finished, I guess I would say House is the best simply because I don’t really remember Rejects, I only saw it once. And I haven’t seen Lords yet, but i’ll be waiting for the rental because I just don’t have any reason to suspect the film will be any better than his previous work.

    P.S. I, too, love how passionate and honest everyone is when expressing their feelings, as long as no one’s mean to each other. Brothers and sisters in horror! Long live the king!

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    And I’m really sorry my post is so fucking long, you guys.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    The Halloween remake is a joke, it was uneven, not interesting, and not scary. If I wrote/directed the remake I would never focuss half the film on a backstory then give the audience throwaway versions of the original victims (Lori/Annie/Lynda). I mean talk about a lack of character development…and the little character development he did give us was awful; I did not care if any of those girls lived or died.

    Perhaps people would have been more forgiving at his attempt at telling a different story if he would have had good actors, the acting was horrendous! Particularly Judith Myers, Lynda, Lori, and young Michael.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      Completely agree, bud.

    • DeadManZombieFan

      that movie bores me to sleep every time I try watching it. I need a pot of coffee ready before putting in the dvd.

    • dr.lamb

      You gotta give credits to McDowell though. He acts as if he does not give a shit. There is that scene where he confronts the director and the head psychiatrist for their fail to keep Myers contained inside the asylum. You think he should act in despair and panic facing the release of the ultimate evil, but no, he behaves like the guy who finally has the chance to tell his bosses off and is enjoying it. Hilarious !


    I disagree… ‘Halloween’ was a faithful remake in my opinion. ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ was way better and more fun than ‘The Devils Rejects.’ ‘Lords of Salem’ is still to be seen. And ‘Halloween 2’ was okay but I didn’t get to finish watching sadly.


    Wasn’t he suppose to start on a project for “The Blob?”

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      I read something with him saying he didn’t want to do another remake, so I guess he ultimately passed on “The Blob”.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Also, some of the comments here suggest that loving the original and hating the remakes is a “trend”, which is not fair. There’s definitely a group of people who will say they love Zombie’s Halloween films simply because they like his other films or his music and they feel a sense of loyalty to him, and then another group who feel superior by saying they only love classic horror films and completely disregard remakes and sequels. I would never accuse any of you guys of being in either group because how the hell would I know? I just want it to be known that as someone who LOVES the original Halloween, I wasn’t against a remake of the film, I just wanted a good one, one I could love and add to my list of favorite films. I didn’t hate it just to be part of some group who hates it.

  • homodrome

    I don’t understand why people are so hard on Zombie when so many other directors who’s filmography are similarly flawed get held up as amazing…

  • Incinerated

    From the title alone I figured there would be varied opinions on this because Rob Zombie isn’t just a love or hate director, he’s also a duplicitous love and hate director.

    1. House of 1,000 Corpses
    2. [Haven’t seen it but my expectations are for] Lords of Salem
    3. Halloween
    4. Halloween 2
    5. The Devil’s Rejects
    6. El Superbeasto (Couldn’t finish it. All it had going for it was being a trashy cartoon)

    Imo, Zombie’s films are haphazardly made like a 10yr old kid with a carnie background let loose on the film world. For me, this results in films that, from a technical standpoint, pale in comparison to typical Troma films, yet match up in levels of disgusting, which, unlike Troma, are mostly not disgustingly fun due to his degenerate carnie ways. That sloppy film making paired with his degenerate sensibilities are why I rank House at the top (It all fits into a chaotic balance there) and also why I rank Devil’s Rejects as the worst of his live action films.

    As far as sloppy film making, I think DR speaks for itself, as all his films do. As far as degenerate goes, between the rape scene and the end of the film which completely glorifies the characters as legendary outlaws, we get a product that is less human than human but definitely degenerate American style, yeah.

    I’m really not a fan, yet I am interested in seeing Lords of Salem.

  • staindFAN

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, we all know this. I love Rob Zombie and can’t wait to see The Lords of Salem next week (I got lucky and a theater near me is getting it!) So I can’t judge TLOS, but here are my favorites of Rob’s from best to worst.

    1. Devils Rejects
    2. Halloween 2
    3. House of 1000 Corpses
    4. Halloween

  • dr.lamb

    McDowell nearly singlehandedly saved “Halloween” with his overacting.

  • DeadManZombieFan

    good list. the most over-rated horror movie director there is. nothing against his music. 1 good movie in a library does not deserve so much praise tho. glad lords of salem is so close to the 1 spot. hopefully we get more of those from here on forward.

  • deadsnow07

    Best to worst.


    Haven’t seen Lords but I’ve liked everything he’s done so far.

  • RedDevil13

    They should all be tied for worst. His “films” are pretty bad.

  • Grady

    Cant deny the fact that he has his own unique style and thats what is exciting about Rob Zombie films, just look at the debate that ensures. Sure he is hit and miss but what did you expect, look at his personal experience and history. Don’t think you can really compare carpenters with zombies. Carpenters movie is an all time classic and forever changed the course of horror, zombies is a new vision and with that in mind the movie is very enjoyable. That said a comparison is kinda pointless, you cant really compare two movies from different eras in different leagues with ultimately different directions and different concepts as their aim. Very eager to see ‘Lords’ and to give a true top 5 one would have to sit down and watch them all in current time. I’m gonna go with “house of 1000 corpses’ as number 1.

  • twoheaded

    6 Rob Zombie films. Six. Haunted World of El Superbeasto, it came out in 2009. True, it was a cartoon. And it was so godawful, so craptastic, we’d all love to deny its existence. But it did happen. I had the misfortune of receiving a copy for Christmas that year. If any of Rob Zombie’s movies are his worst, it’s definitely that one.

  • Mr.Mirage

    Tie for the best: House and Rejects. Out of control on the first and in control but insane on the second.

    Fair to middlin’: Superbeasto. Like watching Ren and Stimpy. On acid. Them or me, I don’t know.

    Cannot make it through the Halloween films. Have tried, and failed. Just… no. Thank you, but no.

    Will see Lords when I get the chance. Even his failures are interesting in visual terms.

  • Ravinus

    Halloween 2 is the worst by far. Then House, then Halloween. I’ll take your word for LoS at number 2. Devil’s Rejects definitely number 1.

  • DeadManZombieFan

    what the hell ever happened to tyranasaures rex?

    • twoheaded

      Tyrannosaurus Rex, yes! He had just gotten away with the ‘Halloween’ remake, ‘Werewolf Women of the SS’ had become a comic, and ‘Haunted World of El Superbeasto’ was finally making it to dvd, all the while he was throwing together that new album around that time. He kept teasing, ‘Tyrannosaurus is going to happen, and Werewolf Women of the SS might become a feature length’ then he got offered the Conan remake and was like ‘Conan. Doesn’t need to be remade.’ Then they signed him on for ‘Halloween 2’, at which point he declared that Tyrannosaurus Rex and Werewolf Women weren’t actually going to happen, he had just been dicking us around the whole time.

  • Joe-Banger

    LOL! Great list again Evan! LOL! Im still waiting for Lords Of Salem!

  • The-Beast-666

    The old Halloween movies were my favorite horror movies of all time until Rob Zombie came out with his. Now i find the old ones borring as hell and i cant watch them anymore. Rob Zombie did an excellent job with his version. The other Rob Zombie movies werent meant to be scary but sick and twisted and thats just what they are. I love them all!!

  • FreddyKrueger13

    I thought his first Halloween was better than the second

  • mike_wyl

    i really don’t get the hate on zombie’s films either.
    really liked his halloween movies. sure they were different than the original films, but they weren’t bad.
    they had great visuals, a really brutal michael myers and i liked the idea of putting a backstory to him. i think the problem is that people are too stuck on their opinion with remakes (ok, most of the time they are right, think of the awful nightmare, friday or even the fog remake) and remaking one of the best horror films of all times isn’t easy, but he did a great job in my opinion.
    the rest of his movies…don’t know if i like corpses or rejects more, both great films.
    superbeasto sucked in my opinion.

    all in all, zombie makes great movies, better than 75% of the shit us horror fans have to watch, and i’m looking forward to see lords.

    oh….and a friendly “hello” to everybody here on bd, i’m new here

    • Incinerated


      I too remember seeing a lot of complaints about Zombie covering the back story of Michael Meyers. As if it was a blasphemous crime against the original and is something that should never be explored at all… but how does the original open?

    • DeadManZombieFan

      I actually like some remakes. my fav movie ever the original dawn of the dead had a awesome remake. but with the halloween zombie remake I felt it was boring as all hell. the visuals were nice. I liked the bright colors and settings ect but I hate how rob zombie trys to make everything so “white trash”. young micheal meyers is a kiss fan lol. so dumb. devils rejects I found good tho.

  • russellg79

    It looks like I’m in the minority here, but I have really enjoyed all of his films. He really should of been pegged to make the TCM reboot which falls perfectly into his gritty style of film making. I know he catches a lot of shit for the Halloween series, but at least he made Michael menacing again.
    Hopefully Lords of Salem will play in Orlando.

  • Heff

    who made this list??? worst to best 5-halloween 2 4-lords of salem(haven’t seen it but it must be better then Halloween 2) 3-devils rejects 2-Halloween(great remake of a classic) 1-house of 1000 corpses

  • viking1983

    considering devils rejects has arguably the best ending in a film ever (not just horror) I am not suprised to see it at number 1

  • macguffin54

    While it is pointless to voice my opinion as it is an argument that will never be settled, my opinion is that H1 is a terrible, terrible movie. H2, while not a good movie, either, by any stretch, does improve on H1 in many ways. And for that deserves to be ranked higher than H1. The writing, the wide camera angles (like the original H1), the acting, the pacing, the characters that behave in believable ways. H2 delivers on a promise to give Halloween his own take, whereas H1 was him just “white trashing up” the original with not enough changes (and the changes that were made were not successful). The white horse stuff was weird, but, quite frankly, was miles above “Thorn” and “dysfunctional family” as motivations for his killing (at least the way they were represented in the sequel.) Yes, the best scene was a dream sequence, but overall a better movie compared to H1. Not that that is saying much.

  • KnightClaw

    Lords of Salem sucked badly. What a disappointment .this is his new WORST movie, besides the crappy, hateful H2.
    Just saying.

  • Trioxin83

    I loved Rob’s interpretation of Halloween. I thought it was a worthy take on the story. To each their own. My rank worst to best:
    5. The Lords of Salem
    4. Halloween 2
    3. House of 1000 Corpses
    2. Devil’s Rejects
    1. Halloween

    Just saw Lords of Salem last night and was severely disappointed. It felt like it lacked suspense and good special effects (let’s just throw a back-light on everything and call it done), and relied on cheap scares (that were ineffective). Seemed like something me and a few friends could throw together on a weekend. That might be harsh but maybe I was just expecting too much from it.

  • KnightClaw

    I totally agree with your list.
    Lords of Salem was such a wasted opportunity for a REAL, kick-ass, suspenseful horror film , like SUSPIRIA ,The FOG, or The SHINING.
    Instead, we got that lame, stupid piece of crap.
    Oh well, maybe his next film will be better.

  • Palkotaz

    I thought the Lords of Salem was really well done. Though I wouldn’t have it at 2nd place. House of 1000 Corpses deserved that spot. Every time I watch it, I see something that I either missed or forgotten that’ll make the whole experience as disturbing and shocking as the first time.

  • Ebenezer

    1. House of 1000 Corpses
    2. Devil’s Rejects
    3. Halloween
    4. Halloween 2
    Looking forward to seeing Lords of Salem, and I’m pretty sure it will take the third place.

  • suttercane

    1. Devil’s Rejects(1 of my all time favorite movies)
    2. House of a 1000 corpses, Halloween and H2 (I can’t rank them, I loved them all)
    5. Lords of Salem…I’ve never been so disappointed in a movie in my life. I love the look of it, but it’s awful.

  • Milk

    1. House
    2. Rejects
    3. Halloween
    4. Halloween 2

    I haven’t seen Salem yet but I’m hopeful. I don’t get why Zombie gets so much hate for his movies. There are soooo many worse films that us horror fans have to endure. However I like gritty gorey horror movies.

  • Angel-Blake

    3-5 Nothing yet
    2.Devil’s Rejects
    1.Halloween (workprint)

    Average director, occasional glimpses of artistic merit and style, although shot down by prurience and sadism… films not glued together by any plot, characterisation, originality, script, etc. Lords of Salem was utter shit. 1000 corpses terrible debut – tells you everything you need to know. Horror should have standards. His Halloween is merely a serial killer flick with its self-defeating “origin” story but very stylish. No classic tho. Does not have the gravitas of the original which is clearly classic. McDowall was shit, compared to Pleasance.

  • KnightClaw

    I agree. Also, young Michael Myers should not talk, which would’ve made his character much scarier, like in the original, Myers was silent, & in a Catatonic state. He also should not be a KISS fan ( t-shirt he wore), I mean, WTF?
    Typical R Zombie WHITE TRASH SHIT.
    And, I especially agree on “Lords of Salem”…. UTTER SHIT.
    What a waste of my f**kin time.

  • Captain-Amazing

    1) House of 1000 Corpses – Why? Guilty pleasure. The film is fun to watch.

    2) Lords of Salem – The film promises… and then doesn’t deliver. Becomes ridiculous at its own expense.

    3-5) Halloween + Halloween 2 + Devils Rejects. Watched ’em once, won’t do it again.

  • EnzFab

    I thought I was the only one who liked his Halloween 2 better than his Halloween remake – which I did not like at all.

  • John Connor

    I haven’t seen Lords Of Salem, so I can’t comment on that.

    4: House Of 1000 Corpses
    3: Halloween
    2: The Devil’s Rejects
    1: Halloween II

  • Scarymoviequeen

    I don’t agree with you completely on Halloween. I actually loved the fact that Rob Zombie added explanation to why Michael Myers was evil. I also think that you most certainly can create an explanation and rob zombie hit the nail on the head with this one as it is a very logical and real explanation which, in my opinion, adds to the creepiness of the film.

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