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Review: ‘Aliens vs Parker’ # 2

The solicits for Aliens vs Parker series have been comparing the story to the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Galaxy Quest. While this claim may seem bold at first, I’m happy to report that it holds up. Paul Scheer & Nicholas Giovannetti continue their story of bumbling space postmen in this excellent genre homage. “Aliens vs Parker” # 2 is packed to the brim with both depth and comedy.

WRITTEN BY: Paul Scheer & Nicholas Giovannetti
ART BY: Manuel Bracchi
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 10th , 2013

Scheer and Giovannetti weave a compelling story that picks up with our protagonist Parker foolishly chasing a girl. He follows her to the surface of an unknown planet, and drags his buddies along for the ride. The writers have created characters who are obsessed with a first person shooter that mirrors the world they have just entered. They obsess over the game, and use familiar shorthand to refer to the world of combat.

Yet, these characters are bumbling fools. Their only strength comes through well-timed dick jokes. Their in game experience leaves them far from prepared when they encounter real danger. I often felt that Scheer and Giovannetti nailed the false confidence of the characters, and found hilarious workarounds for them to haphazardly escape danger.

The dialogue is heavy and lightening quick. With Scheer’s background in comedy, this comes as no surprise. Each character has a unique and exaggerated comic perspective on the very real dangers around them. As with all the best genre homages, Aliens vs Parker’s plot doesn’t fuck around. The stakes are life and death, and the characters are slowly realizing it.

Manuel Bracchi’s art is just fantastic. His comic facial expressions add a tremendous amount of depth to the interactions between the main group surrounding Parker. A couple panels are so well organized that Bracchi’s art uses the perfect sleight of hand to lead the reader’s eye. The visual comedy is as ripe as the dialogue. Everything is very cleanly organized and carries the reader through with relative ease. The colors are rich and vibrant without being too distracting. Plus again, Bracchi’s art give us the perfect misdirection into a utterly fantastic final full page panel that has forced me into picking up the next issue.

It is clear that Paul Scheer and Nicholas Giovannetti are made to write comics. Aliens vs Parker is a fun original property that claims to stand on the shoulders of giants. Yet, as it stands the story is a wildly original and fun take on the reluctant, ill-prepared space heroes.

Everyone wants to be Han Solo right? Everyone guy who grew up watching Star Wars believes in their heart of hearts that they can be that space hero. We’re confident that when shit hits the fan in space, that we can surely answer the call. Well, Scheer and Giovannetti challenge those thoughts, by giving a group of everyday normal dudes that chance. So far, it’s not going so well for em, but it’s a damn fun read.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jimbus_Christ



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