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Review: ‘The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror’ #3

For a hero with a rocket literally strapped to his back, The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3 stalls instead of blasting off. Beautiful cartoon art alone doesn’t make for a fulfilling issue. Talking heads and exposition in a Rocketeer comic just don’t mix.

WRITTEN BY: Roger Langridge
ART BY: J Bone
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 10 April 2013

As the penultimate chapter to this latest adventure of Cliff Secord, too much normal and boring things happen. Writer Roger Langridge seems to be treading water in this issue. The Rocketeer hitchiking? Betty dining with seemingly lazy private investigators? I realize you need to fill in some of the blanks with one final part of the story left to tell. I feel these parts could be cut down and some more action added instead.

A Rocketeer story where the hero isn’t … Rocketing? It’s almost false advertising. Thanks goodness Cliff’s pal Peevy tries to solve the performance issues of our hero lacking a rocket. As good as he is at tinkering, Cliff’s mentor / sidekick doesn’t quite have it perfected. The art by J Bone is very loose and cartoony which keeps the comedic parts punchy. The famous cameos at the party later on may have been wasted on me but I appreciate the attempt.

As with most readers, I have expectations of a book staring a human rocket. It was severely lacking here. I’ve been enjoying this miniseries up until now. I have confidence that the finale will make up for this misstep. I’ll keep the faith and hope The Rocketeer soars into excellence next month.

2/5 Skulls

Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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