Stephen King's 'Cujo' Being Resurrected - Bloody Disgusting!

Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’ Being Resurrected


A press release circulated on Facebook back in January that reveals that Stephen King’s Cujo could bite again.

Lang Elliott, President & CEO of Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc., announced that Sunn plans to produce the remake of Cujo this year representing the 30th Anniversary since Sunn produced and distributed the original Cujo motion picture in 1983, based upon Stephen King’s novel. The 1983 version was highly successful at the worldwide box-office and, compared with today’s inflation and higher ticket prices, the box-office would be well over $225 million even without ancillary sales (i.e., DVD, cable, free television, pay-per-view, etc.).

“Cujo is the story of a large, playful St. Bernard dog that is transformed into a hideous killing machine after being infected by rabies. Donna Trenton’s car is on the fritz, and she and her son take her ailing automobile to their mechanic. Upon their arrival, the car stalls and refuses to restart. The mechanic fails to appear so Donna searches for him. The transformed, maniacal Cujo reveals himself; he is highly agitated and very aggressive. Donna hardly recognizes this filthy, monstrous creature foaming at the mouth. Suddenly Cujo charges Donna, who barely makes it back into the car for protection. Trapped with her son and the windows rolled up, the sweltering heat begins to take its toll. Cujo’s powerful state of insanity and violence await.

Watch a sales trailer inside that was taken to Berlin and the forthcoming Cannes market in May.

  • divisionbell

    Any update on IT?

  • weresmurf

    Get Aja onto this! Would love to see him behind this remake 😀

  • Ultrazilla

    Because what the world needs right now, is a CGI St. Bernard…

    • I completely agree. I’m cringing at the thought…

  • God, I hope they don’t mess it up. I’m a huge fan of the original film and it still, to this day, creeps me out when that dog starts ramming its head into the door of the car over and over and over…and then appears in the window behind Danny. Amazing animal handling and even more impressive puppet/animatronic work from the FX team.

  • Mr.Mirage

    Still, even after all this time, my favorite King novel. How anyone can manage to avoid being terrified of a fully grown, in his prime 200 pound St. Bernard that is dripping with rabies is totally beyond me. I guess some people have never seen a rabid dog…

    Remaking the movie would be interesting if they would follow the structure of the book, which has a lot to say about the male/female dynamic, fathers/sons, mothers/sons and even the lives of small business owners.

  • There hasn’t been a memorable horror remake since “The Thing”. I say this TIME and TIME again, and I have seen almost every single horror remake just to see if the mold is broken, but no matter how close it comes to, in the end, a remake is just pointless. I didn’t even care for the original Cujo, so unless it’s directed by Darren Aronofsky or is written by the guy that did Cabin in the Woods or someone of that talent, count me out. I’m done trying.

    • Spike0037

      First off Darren Aronofsky were did you pull that name from. Out of all the directors you pick a him. And that guy who wrote Cabin in the Woods, that my friend would be Joss Whedon.

    • Ravinus

      Done trying what exactly?

  • FreddyKrueger13

    I loved the book and the movie, I wouldn’t if a remake was made. The only thing I would like is if they went with the books ending, I thought it was better than the movies’ ending.

  • Aaron Emery

    I’ll only watch if it’s PG-13 and stars a pug. *Correction: stars MY pug.
    “With Sir Oliver Smush as CUJO”

  • Spike0037

    to all the people that already bitching about a remake of this movie just remember what you were all saying about the Evil Dead remake. Bitching and moaning about why do they have to do this and as good as the original.soap for you all get on your high horse is and bitch about this will you wait and see.

  • Darkness69

    This is the only book by Stephen King that I read only once, because I feel sorry for the poor dog. Since a movie was already made ages ago, I’d rather see some of his stories that have not been adapted into screenplays/movies yet, for example, “N.” (even though a great comic book emerged from it).