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Didn’t Make It To Coachella? Watch It From Your Couch!

I’m not the biggest fan of music festivals. I just don’t have the energy or patience to stand amongst thousands of screaming, often drugged out people for 10 to 12 hours in hot, humid weather. That’s why I’ve never really been interested in going to something like Lollapalooza as it’s just not my scene. But what irritates me is that these festivals are often the only time I might be able to see a band that I really love. So what’s a fella supposed to do??

Well, Coachella has just the answer for people like me. The insanely popular music festival is streaming the entire festival on three separate YouTube channels, which you can see below. You’ll be able to catch such acts as Blur, The Stone Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more from the comfort of your own couch (and not to mention the comfort of air conditioning, cheap beer, and easily accessible bathrooms).

Also, if you want to see How To Destroy Angels with their live performance, simply click here and you shall be magically transported!

Channel 1:

Channel 2:

Channel 3:

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  • Joe-Banger

    Good thinking on the part about not standing up for 10-12 hours in the hot sun, and aside from that who has the money in this economy to go out and party like that anymore? I see business’s here in New York struggling all the time! Ive been to ALOT of shows over the years so I concur about staying in and watching live shows on t.v. My knees cant take standing up for long periods of time anymore so good article John.

  • KidNickles

    Ok, LITERALLY every video I click on says “This Video is Private”…what’s the fucking point in posting/linking/sharing something that a lot of people will like if the viewing limit or time that it is available is limited? That’s fucking stupid…

  • Darkness69

    I thought Coachella offered something truly unique because it’s so popular, but in fact, there are a handful of European music festivals that are far better in comparison. For example, Sziget festival in Hungary – now they have some popular acts & a true festival experience! It seems to me that Coachella is in the spotlight for its famous attendees only.

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