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Alice In Chains Release Lyric Video For “Stone”

Grunge legends Alice In Chains have released a lyric video for their new single “Stone”, which comes from the band’s upcoming album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (out May 28th). The video can be seen below.

What gets me about this lyric video is that it’s obvious quite a bit of footage was filmed. Why release a lyric video when with a little bit more work an actual video could’ve been made? Shoot the band performing the song in a decrepit warehouse for a few hours and you’ve got all you need for an actual video, albeit one that isn’t very memorable. Perhaps the band is going to release something that is more on par with the video for “Hollow”? Who knows?

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  • huntermc

    You make a good point. Lyric videos have sure come a long way in a short time, and this one really blurs the line as to what constitutes and official music video. I think something like this would even make a cool teaser for the official video if released first. Then they could release another edit with the band playing in the woods instead of the lyrics.

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