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‘The Corrupted’ Isn’t An ‘Oldboy’ Sequel I Promise

Canadian sci-fi horror film The Corrupted has been acquired by Eagle One Media for worldwide distribution. Directed by John Klappstein and Knighten Richman, the feature film will be released this summer on DVD, VOD, and digital platforms within North America and rolled out globally in various territory markets.

Shot in Alberta, Canada, The Corrupted features Keltie Squires, Shaun Tisdale (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil), Ashley Tallas, Jeremy Hook, and Anuj Saraswat.

Spring Break meets H.P. Lovecraft. Where it’s all fun and games… until someone gets infected.

In the film, “A man quietly strums his guitar at the edge of a tranquil lake in the middle of the night. Through the darkness a beautiful young woman emerges along the shoreline, silent and mysterious. She approaches and whispers something into his ear. When she beckons, he has no choice but to follow. When his friends arrive for a weekend of partying, it’s obvious…something in him has changed. What did the woman tell him? Why does he seem so distant? Where did she take him? The Corrupted is an intellectual sci-fi horror thriller feature film produced in Canada and directed by John Klappstein and Knighten

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