'The Underneath' Aims To Take On 'The Descent' - Bloody Disgusting!

‘The Underneath’ Aims To Take On ‘The Descent’

Caves, man. That’s a lofty goal for any horror film since you’re immediately stacking yourself up against The Descent. But that’s not stopping director Brian T. Jaynes (Biohazard: Patient Zero, Boggy Creek) from trying. He’s currently shooting The Underneath in Mineola, Texas for Origin Releasing.

The film follows a young newlywed couple who find themselves trapped in a network of underground caves. With her husband (Boggs) injured, the new bride (Wilemon) is forced to find her way back to the surface in order to save his life. In the process, they discover a terrifying truth about the “underneath”, that they are not alone. Something evil is hunting them…” The film stars Holt Boggs, Natalie Wilemon and Larry Jack Dotson.

While some of the film was shot on location, you’ll see from the pics below that the crew actually built a fairly cool cave set as well.

  • doomas10

    Really movie? The descent is on my top ten films of all time so anything that is attempting to do something will be instantly pulverised in two seconds. However, I will check it out as everything should have its chance

  • djblack1313

    not sure why the BYZANTIUM poster is included in this! or is it a crossover type movie? (just kidding).


  • eagleye25

    I’ll check it out, for certain and sure.