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Does The Music Match The Vibe In This ‘Crypt’ Trailer?



We’ve got a trailer and poster for upcoming British indie Crypt, directed by Mark Murphy. The movie looks okay I guess, but the music in the trailer leans heavily on the Inception approach. I’m not sure the film has the stunning imagery and thematic depth to support that/

In the film, “Crypt tells two interconnecting stories played out in parallel, intersecting with each other. The first story follows five twenty-somethings who, on the hunt for some excitement, break into an abandoned church/convent only to become the victims of the horrors that lurk within. The second story follows the church’s investigation into the tragic “accident” that resulted in the deaths of the group that broke into the church.” Nicola Posener, Mark Harris, Peter Woodward, Natalie Stone, and Lucy Drive star.

Head inside to see what I’m talking.


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