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[Random Cool] This ‘Predator’ Motorcycle Helmet Makes You King Of The Concrete Jungle

There’s something about Predator that seems to bring out the best “Random Cool” stuff. From weddings to cosplay, there’s an element to the property that causes its fans to go all out. And perhaps the folks at MLO Moto were aware of such dedication when they designed this Predator motorcycle helmet. I’m not sure if $780 is an average amount to shell out on something to protect your skull at high speeds, but either way motorcycle inclined fans will probably find this to be a “must buy.”

Per Geekologie, “It’s built on an actual motorcycle helmet so it’s properly safety rated, but has been enhanced with a sculpted outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, and even a tri-laser scope. Optional add-ons include a carbon fiber outer shell, tiny metal spears on the ends of the dreadlocks, and even a hyper-realistic airbrushed finish.

Thanks to Jonny B for the heads up. Head inside for a better look!




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