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Help A Friend Of Bloody-Disgusting Fight Leukemia!

I was aware of Ed Douglas years before I actually met the man in 2011 at a junket in New York. He’s been writing about film for over a decade now and, as someone who is online a lot, I had read much of his work. I only agreed with him about half the time, but he always had something interesting to say.

But after I finally met him (being very new to this game myself) it seemed like I never stopped seeing him around. All over the world, in fact. And he’s a genuinely good guy who has made every trip I’ve been on with him that much better. Brad (Mr. Disgusting) has known him much longer and I know that he considers Ed a close colleague and friend and respects him greatly.

Ed is aslo fighting Leukemia. He fell ill last week in Vegas covering CinemaCon and is now in a hospital in Ohio near his family getting treatment. He doesn’t have health insurance and his month-plus hospital stay is sure to be expensive. So if you have a few extra bucks, please do something good and help him out HERE. Ed didn’t set this up, he’s not asking for it personally – but his friends would greatly appreciate it if you contributed. Also, the charity currently has a 50K goal. DO NOT stop there if you can – his treatment is sure to be much more expensive than that.



  • itsnickkarcher

    Thoughts & prayers are with him and his family.

  • Joe-Banger

    Same here itsnickkarcher. My uncle Richard was a child when he died from leukemia and that was before any one of was born! I wish I was filthy rich, I’d help this guy and so many others who have cancer!

    • ThunderDragoon

      Man, I completely know what you mean. If I had money, I’d be helping this guy out so much. You’re awesome for making this article, Evan. My prayers are with him. He will pull through this!

  • djblack1313

    sorry to hear/read about Ed. i lost my mom & my little brother last year to cancer (they passed away 2 months apart….needless to say it was a HORRIBLE time) so i fully understand the seriousness of dealing/fighting diseases like these.

    i should have some money (not much) by Friday. i’ll send some cash once i get it. my prayers & good thoughts/good energy go out to Ed and his friends & family and BD, you guys writing this article/donation link for your friend really is an awesome thing. it makes me love this site and you guys that much more.

    • EvanDickson

      @djblack1313 I’m sorry to hear about your losses last year. That sounds like a truly terrible time. My sincere condolences.

      • djblack1313

        thanks Evan. i appreciate the kind words. yeah, last year nearly killed me. i’m just now barely starting to come out of the grief. and this is a fact CANCER FUCKING SUCKS!!

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