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[Random Cool] Groovy Blacklight ‘Suspiria’ Poster For Your Bedroom

Speaking of Suspiria, “Bang! Media” artist Jeremy Wheeler has created a groovy new blacklight poster for the film via the Silver Screen Society.

About “Witch” – “a blacklight silkscreen print made in conjunction with Silver Screen Society’s month of Suspiria art series. The hand-drawn pen-and-ink artwork portrays both the ominous and terrifying portions of the lm in equal measure, with added detail dedicated to the unique architecture featured in the lm. Measuring 18”x24,” the 3-color print was screened with a unique blacklight process developed through multiple projects by the artist and printing studio VG Kids. When put under UV light, the already vibrant red turns an electric pink/magenta, while the green remains intense under both.

You can pick this baby up for $25 here. Head inside for a better look!



  • Golic

    decent poster, awful film.

  • horrorking95

    I really need to see Suspiria again because I only saw it once a few years ago and I didn’t like it. I remember finding the music really irritating, but I was probably a bit young and I saw it on Film4 and for some reason it was really bad quality. I think I’ll appreciate a lot more on a second viewing so I know what’s going on. I remember really liking the creepy ending though!

  • Ravinus

    Dig it

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