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Ryuhei Kitamura Confirms ‘Versus 2’ Is In The Works

Director Ryuhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train, Versus) is currently hitting the publicity circuit for his new film, No One Lives, and he made an interesting revelation in Tokyo yesterday – he’s planning on Versus 2 being his next film and he’s got his mind set on bringing Tak Sakaguchi out of retirement to once again play the lead.

While on stage Kitamura outlined his plans to return to Asia and begin work on the sequel, “The lead actor [Tak Sakaguchi] is retired, but I’ll get him to make a comeback. He’ll do it if I do it.

I’ve actually never seen Versus, so now I have some work cut out for me.



  • dirtyghettok

    Dude you gotta… Best zombie flick I’ve ever seen.

  • Ultrazilla

    Evan…you haven’t missed much. I bought it based on all the hype, and boy what a let down. I really liked his Midnight Meat Train though.

  • devilmaycry26

    i hope they do death trance 2 as well i really hope they make death trance 2

  • VampireJack

    Versus 2, eh?

    I absolutely love the first movie and it’s mish-mash of different genres. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • horrorking95

    What exactly is Versus? Is it supposed to be a really bad B movie like Birdemic, or is actually a really great film? I’m confused! I did see Kitamura’s ‘Aragami’ which had some good elements but ultimately flopped comapred to the terrific ‘2LDK’

    • dirtyghettok

      I’ll say B style awesomeness..

  • BioDevil_Dom

    I know this is an old article but man I’d be really happy for a new Versus movie the question is will it ever come out?

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