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Rob Zombie Had A “Miserable Experience” Making The ‘Halloween’ Films, Was Going To Make ‘The Blob’ Serious

With The Lords of Salem still fresh in theaters, Rob Zombie has been doing quite a bit of press for the film. And he’s a great interview. However you feel about his work, he doesn’t seem to bullsh*t quite as much as a lot of other celebrity horror directors and I found him impressively candid in my interview with him a few weeks back.

He recently spoke to The Playlist and elaborated on his experiences with the Halloween films. “I really like those films. I didn’t have a good time making them. It was actually a kind of miserable experience. Anytime they vary from the format is when I really like them.

And varying from the format is what he wanted to do with his remake of The Blob, though the fact that it was another remake at all seems to be what turned him off to the project. Head inside for his take on that!

There are so many projects that don’t happen, just sometimes they don’t get announced so no one ever knows about them and you don’t have to talk about them. “The Blob” was going to happen. I was dealing with people on the movie, even though I was on the fence about doing anything that was considered a remake again. I really didn’t like the idea of that, but just as I went down the road further with the producers and the guys that owned the property, I didn’t feel good about the situation and I just walked away from it. My gut told me this was not a good place to be… It was dead serious. I was almost like a dark science fiction film, but it was serious. To me, horror and comedy never work. Never worked for me, anyway.

Definitely head to The Playlist for the rest of the interview.



  • djblack1313

    i remember reading all throughout both HALLOWEEN films that Rob didn’t have a good time making them. i enjoyed both of his H movies (yes, that includes H2 which i actually love!). i’m not a huge Rob Zombie fan but i do very much respect that he sticks to his OWN vision fanboys be damned. you can never please fanboys so why bother. i respect Rob for that.

    • Vampire_Mistress

      I agree…I absolutely LOVED both his Halloween movies. He took it in a different direction which I loved and I really liked that we got to see more of Michael as a child.

      But you are right, you can’t please everyone. I love Rob Zombie as a director, haven’t been disappointed with any of his films myself. I cannot wait for Lords of Salem!

  • Danny-E

    To me, horror and comedy never work. Never worked for me, anyway.”

    I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Rob Zombie. Yuk!!

    • djblack1313

      Danny-E, same here! rarely does horror & comedy work (for me).

      • weresmurf

        I’d disagree with that comment. But only a master can find the right balance.

        Return of the Living Dead found the right balance, as did Fright Night. Movies such as Scream (ONLY the first one) also did in their time. However, there’s FAR too many which try to be too much comedy which ends up almost slapstick and not enough horror and ruin it completely.

        • weresmurf

          Original Fright Night btw.

        • djblack1313

          weresmurf, good point! and i agree that the movies you mention and movies like SHAUN OF THE DEAD and GRABBERS find the perfect balance.

        • edboomz

          Yes, soooo true. Great balanced film..cuz all horror doesn’t have to be alll the time.

        • terrogore


  • DarrelDreadful

    I have a lot of respect for Rob also. I can understand why some might not like his films, but you got to respect the guy for at least giving horror fans the “gritty” horror that you don’t see much at all today. I have found something to appreciate in every single one of Rob’s films so far and hope he keeps at it while improving on his writing and given more chances to take his time to film things. “There are so many projects that don’t happen, just sometimes they don’t get announced” this made me think about all the horror films that could have been discussed but never announced or no one had the courage to make, and us horror fans will never get to catch a glimpse of what could have been.

    • divisionbell

      And the white trash. Can’t forget about the white trash! You know…even when a film is about suburbia…gotta make sure the white trash family is in there!

      • DarrelDreadful

        What you call white trash, someone else may call reality. Didnt know it couldnt exist in the suburbs.

  • divisionbell

    Isnt this the guy who said the first step to remaking the blob as to take the blob out of of the film? Maybe that’s why it wasn’t the right project for him??

  • ThunderDragoon

    “To me, horror and comedy never work. Never worked for me, anyway.” Amen to that!

  • Baphomitt

    “To me, horror and comedy never work. Never worked for me, anyway.” WTF is he referring to? Neither of the Blobs were comedies. RZ also bitched and moaned about his “miserable” experience making HO1KC on the Universal backlot. CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER YOU PRETENTIOUS FUCK. You definitely didn’t look miserable standing around the set of Halloween sipping on your mocha latte, as evidenced in the 4 hour behind the scenes blu-ray documentary. What a fucking asshole.

    • En_Noir

      Tell us how you really feel?

  • chipotlazer

    Hmm, how could he fit his usual doses of misogyny, rape and other various sexual assaults into “The Blob”? He’d have his work cut out for him!

  • edboomz

    “I really like those films. I didn’t have a good time making them. It was actually a kind of miserable experience. Anytime they vary from the format is when I really like them.

    Cuz he knows it wasn’t working right outta the gate. Rob ya flipping no talent hack. Gotta love how he protects his ass just in time to promote his next project to his masses of Zombie-ites…like flies to sh*t. Lords by the way is down right junk.

  • Joe-Banger

    Halloween reenvisions sucked! Lords of Salem is looking good!

  • MurderCapital

    Funny, he got miserable making them and I got miserable watching them.

  • TwistedCritic

    Rob’s commentary tracks (especially on H2) were the best things about those movies. Lots of talk about the problems with the production, especially the scenes they had to shoot at the 11th hour because there wasn’t time left. I very much would have liked to see what he’d do with The Blob – I feel that could have turned out much better than the Halloweens.

  • flesheater24

    dude get that movie fuckin made. Come on.

  • doomas10

    Halloween and H2 were awesome. Aeshetically beautiful and with brutal violence rather than gore. Som dialogue does seem to be problematic but at least he tried to explore violence and its consequences to its survivors -Annie and Laurie come to mind. Just watched LOS – weird film but visually it is incredible. He is evolving!Please make another horror film!

    • djblack1313

      doomas10, YES!! i agree my friend!

  • Screamz

    “To me, horror and comedy never work. Never worked for me, anyway.”

    I do agree with this to a point. There are a few shining exceptions, “Evil Dead 2” “Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein” (the monsters are played scary and straight). I’ve always felt horror works best when its concentrating on scaring you, not making you laugh. You don’t need that release. The only release from the tension should be the end credits. Imagine how “The Exorcist” would have fared had they thrown in some one-liners and slapstick…

  • En_Noir

    Like many others here it seems, I respect Rob quite a bit.. So he got himself into a contract that he wasn’t happy with, shit happens…But he followed through with it, so who cares if he was complaining about it… Not all creative endevours are enjoyable. TRUST Me, for the most part they can be incredibly taxing…They may seem like a good idea at the time and you’re excited about it…but it doesn’t play out..and you end up hating it..happens more often than not.
    I think The Blob would have been really interesting with him in the director chair…The 80’s remake freaked me out as a kid, the blob itself was relentless and knew no mercy. Something that I could see Zombie using to the nth degree. Oh well. I’m excited to see what he’ll come up with after Lords.

  • Zombie-Killa

    To me, it felt like Zombie was paying homage to the original Halloween film with the 2007 remake. But with H2, it felt like he was trying to create his own movie. I know this is an incredibly nitpicky complaint, but we don’t even hear the main Halloween theme until the end credits start rolling.

  • VictorCrowley

    “It was actually a kind of miserable experience.”

    It shows.

  • viking1983

    lords of salem was a huge letdown, first film I have brought and then returned in 10 years

  • joeymonstrosity

    i don’t really understand why the blob needs another remake. the 80’s version left it pretty open at the end. I think it would be really awesome to see someone play off of that ending, rather than remake an already remade flick

  • LukeM1987

    Of course he had a miserable time raping Halloween and H2, he has to live with the fact that Resurrection isa better Halloween than his 2 abominations are.

  • KnightClaw

    Man, Lords of Salem SUCKED donkey dick.
    Stupidest ending of all time.
    Yeah, sick of his WHITE-TRASH in every movie style.
    His HALLOWEENS sucked. Halloween is supposed to take place in Suburbia, not in a double-wide fkin white trash trailer park. So much filth & cussing, SO unnessasary .
    Then, Hobo-Myers & white -horse mommy bullcrap in his H-2. The tearing of the Myers mask , & then not using the Halloweeen theme til the end credits? So dissapointing & an insult to the Legendary horror icon, Michael.

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