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There Is A 212 Track Twin Peaks Soundtrack And I WANT IT



My pal Adam Barnick (who directed this fantastic video) alerted me that there is something called The Twin Peaks Archive. It is a massive collection of all the unused (at least in their full length) music from the TV series as well as the prequel film. Composed by Angelo Badalamenti (who scored The City Of Lost Children, one of my favorite films), the 212 track collection has not been released on physical but is available to purchase on-line as individual tracks (around $.99 or less each) or as a full bundle. While the $77 price tag of the bundle might make you balk a bit, remember that it averages out to about $.36 per track, which I think is a steal. Also, the files come either in 320kbps nitrate or Apple lossless, so you’re getting some fantastic sounding tracks. The bundle can be ordered here while the individual tracks can be cherry picked here and clicking on ‘Explore’.

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