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[OMFG] The Cthulu Mythos Told In A 5-Minute Music Video. Using Puppets.

I’ve long loved the Lovecraft-ian style horror films, the ones that have a great deal of supernatural, cultist mystery. Oh, and the tentacles are a big draw as well. Something about tentacled creatures just gets my horror imagination churning in overtime.

So when I was sent an email with the subject line “Puppet Cthulu Music Video”, I probably clicked on that link in near record time. And what I saw definitely did not disappoint. Director Anthony Carpendale created a comedy-horror video for the song “Sleeve”, from UK prog rock band Thumpermonkey. Featuring the full Cthulu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft squeezed into 5 minutes, it’s well worth giving a look. Check it out below along with a short making-of video!

“Sleeve” comes from Thumpermonkey’s Sleep Furiously album, which you can pick up here

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