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[OMFG] The Cthulu Mythos Told In A 5-Minute Music Video. Using Puppets.

I’ve long loved the Lovecraft-ian style horror films, the ones that have a great deal of supernatural, cultist mystery. Oh, and the tentacles are a big draw as well. Something about tentacled creatures just gets my horror imagination churning in overtime.

So when I was sent an email with the subject line “Puppet Cthulu Music Video”, I probably clicked on that link in near record time. And what I saw definitely did not disappoint. Director Anthony Carpendale created a comedy-horror video for the song “Sleeve”, from UK prog rock band Thumpermonkey. Featuring the full Cthulu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft squeezed into 5 minutes, it’s well worth giving a look. Check it out below along with a short making-of video!

“Sleeve” comes from Thumpermonkey’s Sleep Furiously album, which you can pick up here

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  • Michael_M

    That doesn’t work for me at all. It’s too difficult to read subtitles while listening to someone sing lyrics and follow the two competing narratives. The editing is also too fast for such a mellow song. Unfortunate outcome considering the obvious effort involved.

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