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[Toys] NECA Announces “Powerglove Freddy” From ‘Freddy’s Dead’!

Figures reports that NECA announced today that they will be releasing a fourth Freddy Krueger action figure series this September.

One of the figures fans will be seeing is “Powerglove Freddy” from 1991’s Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

Another photo recently teased is that of the Springwood Slasher, Freddy Krueger before his horrific burning. No word yet on whether this is part of Series 4. Images below.



  • huntermc

    The face looks too cartoony on the power glove Freddy. But I love the detail on the unburnt Freddy. When I saw the preview icon, I just thought it was a photo of Robert Englund.

  • djblack1313

    the face looks horrible.

    • djblack1313

      oops. i agree w/ huntermc. the unburnt Freddy looks amazing. the burnt face looks horrible (and not in a good way).

  • ThunderDragoon

    Yeah… no thanks. I don’t want anything having to do with that horrible movie. XD

  • flesheater24

    Ya no thanx. that face isn’t scary looks like me when I take a shit HEHE 🙂

  • Darkness69

    Yay for the Robert Englund figurine, nay for the powerglove face (although the glove itself looks nifty)!

  • Seal_Clubber

    That Freddy face looks like someone got a hold of some old Popeye dolls that no one wanted and slapped some burn paint on them and called them Freddy. Brutal….

  • DethHand

    LMAO!!! I’d buy it for sure lol.

  • twoheaded

    A terrible toy for a terrible movie; I don’t remember Popeye the Sailor ever playing Freddy? Excellent likeness, though, just needs a can of spinach and a little pipe.

  • tungbandit

    i like the concept, but they totally effed up the face. to cartoonish in my opinion. if it wasn’t for the burns you wouldn’t even know that was freddy 🙁

  • eibbor82

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