Review: 'Mister X Eviction' # 1 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘Mister X Eviction’ # 1



Dean Motter’s Mister X returns this month with an ongoing tale and a stand alone story. Both stories manage to engage in a way only Motter can and I’m happy to say futuristic neo-noir is still an overwhelmingly good read. “Mister X Eviction” returns us to a different Radiant City than we’re used to. The government’s been overtaken by a coup, and it’s up to Mister X to put together just how this went down.

WRITTEN BY: Dean Motter
ART BY: Dean Motter
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 24th, 2013

Motter throws us into the middle of the story. The situation is explained and things look grim, gritty, and totally exciting. Motter uses his love for architecture to great use. Eviction will burrow into your brain, and stay there for a while. Every citizens brain is being rebuilt by terrible authoritarian buildings that are sure to haunt your sleep.

Not much is clear from the onset of Eviction. Yet, the story is weaved in a completely fluid and interesting way. We are teased with the beginning of a great mystery and I’m excited to see where things go from here.

The second of the two stories is a stand-alone “Mister X” tale. Which, for my money, is truly to way to experience “Mister X”. (Check out “Mister X Hard Candy” from March) “In Control” follows Mister X as he interacts with an everyday citizen who falls. The man falls from his dreams, his career, and finds himself in a city that doesn’t need him.

The regular everyman story is beautiful to say the least. You are introduced to the man as he grows up, as he aspires to be something. You follow him into his career, and you watch him fall all within a quick few pages. The story that results is emotionally engaging and you’ll want to keep flipping after the last page.

Motter’s art is fantastic. The dark and mysterious corners of Radiant City are magnified by Motter’s attention to detail. We skulk through the darkness and feel the harsh lights of the futuristic dystopia. Character designs are sleek and clean, reminiscent of Bruce Timm.

The flow is wonderful and the use of paneling is just fantastic. The clatter of the city can be felt on a couple of pages of “In Control.” While “Eviction” has truly wonderful character close-ups and silhouettes. Motter’s art just takes perfect control of the story.

“Mister X” has become something I must keep my eyes on. A couple of months ago I had no idea about the property. Yet, within a couple of issues I’m totally invested in the world of Radiant City. I suggest you get involved. The acclaim for this series isn’t bullshit, Motter has created a truly original world with mysteries that are just begging to be solved, and my best guess is Motter won’t be able to solve em unless people pick up issues.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jumbus_Christ


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