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[Poll] What’s Your Favorite Megadeth Album?

On June 4th, legendary thrash metal band Megadeth will be releasing their 14th studio album Super Collider. The release comes just under 28 years after the band released their debut album Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good! In anticipation of the upcoming release, we here at Bloody-Disgusting want to know what YOUR favorite Megadeth album is!

Here’s how it’s going to work: Below I’ve got a poll where you can pick your favorite Megadeth studio album. At the end of the day, I’m going to see which album has the least number of votes and remove it from the list. Then, tomorrow, we’re going to do it again! We’re going to keep doing this until we get down to the Bloody-Disgusting reader’s choice for Best Megadeth Album! So, without further ado, head on below and make your choice!


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  • MrDisgusting


  • EvanDickson

    Peace Sells, then Rust for me. I’m also one of the lame-o’s who likes Countdown but hasn’t listened to anything after.

  • Nasher

    Risk was the last one i bought and was so tired an album that I was pretty much done. Listened to the next 2 when they came out and didn’t change my mind.

    I just realized i don’t think I’ve listened to a Megadeth track in probably 5 years. Peace & So Far were really patchy lps with some really amazing tracks but always missing something in the ones that connected them.

  • BadCrumbs

    Wait. People actually listen to MEGADEATH? I thought they were a joke. Hmmmm.

    • STRIK9

      Megadeth have sold millions of albums,you tosser. I’m curious what kind of weak ass shit you actually listen to while trolling on here.

  • j.c

    Tough choice between the first four and surprised to see Risk actualy has some votes(not criticizing, just sayin…LOL) For anyone who hasnt listened since Risk(and I can understand that, Im a fan and even for me that one was hard to sit thru), I would recommmend checking out Endgame as well. Its my favorite of the newer releases.

    • STRIK9

      ‘Risk’ is unlistenable aside from that prince of darkness song. I still cant believe they recorded and released such an album.

  • STRIK9

    They peaked on “youthanasia”. Its a brilliant album. A lot of fans don’t like it because its not as fast as thrashy like rust in peace. Mustaine should retire now though because his riffs are lacking and uninspired compared to venom he had on his earlier albums.He uses fuckin tamborines on like every song now too.