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Here Are Some Free Comics In Case You Missed Free Comic Book Day

People flocked to local comic shops this past Saturday to get their hands on some free books, courtesy of Free Comic Book Day. Most shops limited the number of books you were allowed to take, and some people just couldn’t make it to the shop. So here are links to some of the free comics in case you missed out on the fun. Titles below include “Metaphase”, “The Steam Engines of Oz”, “Aphrodite XI”, and a few more. Bleeding Cool for also has some free embedded books that are worth checking out.

Others are available for free download on various sites.

Mass Effect/Killjoys/R.I.P.D.

Star Wars/Captain Midnight/Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aphrodite IX #1 from Image-Top Cow

Worlds of Aspen 2013 from Aspen Comics

Metaphase #0 from Alterna Comics

The Steam Engines of Oz from Arcana Comics

Prince Valiant from Fantagraphics

Buck Rogers: 25th Century A.D. from Hermes Press

Scratch 9 from Hermes Press

Action Lab Confidential from Action Lab

Torchbearer from Odd Truth

Anathema #1 from Tiny Behemoth Press

The Only Living Boy #1 from Small Press



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