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[Poll] What’s Your Favorite Megadeth Album? (Part 2)

Yesterday we began our Bloody-Disgusting reader’s choice for Best Megadeth Album! You readers cast your votes and the first unlucky album to be booted from the list was 2004’s The System Has Failed. But that still leaves us with 12 other metal-filled albums! So head on below and cast your votes as we narrow down to the final album!

Megadeth’s new album Super Collider will be coming out June 4th.


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  • Kramer48

    You forgot to add The System Has Failed. Not that I would have voted for it…….

    I went the obvious and popular choice of Rust In Peace.

    • JonathanBarkan

      It was on yesterday’s poll but got the least amount of votes. Therefore it was removed. Tomorrow I’ll be removing the album with the least number of votes from today’s poll. So on and so forth until there is one album left!

  • j.c

    I didnt think The System has Failed was a bad one. Kick the Chair was a cool tune for sure. my first pick for elimination would have been Risk, but what can I say? The people have spoken.

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