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First Look At Anchor Bay’s ‘I Spit On Your Grave 2’!!

I Spit on Your Grave 2

It was officially announced today our breaking news that Anchor Bay Films has once again joined forces with CineTel Films to release the next chapter of the controversial I Spit On Your Grave film franchise.

I Spit on Your Grave 2 wrapped production late last year with Steven R. Monroe directing.

As still exclusive to Bloody Disgusting, here are the film’s plot details: “Naturally beautiful, Jessica (Dallender) has just settled into New York where she, like many other young women, is trying to make it as a model. But what starts out as an innocent and simple photo shoot soon turns into something disturbingly unthinkable! Raped, tortured and kidnapped to a foreign country, Jessica is buried alive and left to die. Against all odds, she manages to escape. Severely injured, she will have to tap into the darkest places of the human psyche to not only survive, but to exact her revenge…

We also learned today that the sequel stars Jemma Dallender (“Community”), Joe Absolom (Long Time Dead), Aleksandar Aleksiev (Jack Ryan), Mary Stockley, Michael Dixon, Valentine Pelka, Yavor Baharov, George Zlatarev, Peter Silverleaf and Georgi Zlatarev.

The film is expected to be released in fall 2013.

Anchor Bay Films released I Spit on Your Grave in 2010 to critical acclaim. Based on Meir Zarchi’s 1978 version, the film gained the respect of both mainstream and genre critics.

I Spit on Your Grave 2 Hi-Res



  • chambertlo

    This really was one of those movies that did not need or warrant a sequel, and although it will probably end up as bad as “American Psycho 2″, the premise does sound interesting. I just don’t understand why studios keep using 2 instead of a subtitle for these types of films. ‘I spit on your grave again”, or “I Spit on Your Grave: Model behavior” would have been more appropriate titles than simply slapping a 2 at the end of it.

  • Kroork

    Can’t wait!

  • Skratchy

    Actually kind of cool. The remake was way better than I anticipated. Though the premise sounds a little ridiculous, I can still see it being very disturbing and bad ass.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I enjoyed the remake more than I expected. And this sequel is a meh idea but it could be interesting. I just dont want them turning this into a franchise with the same formula used in every movie, you know, unless they throw some twist and turns in there. Otherwise, you know the girl is getting rape, left 4 dead, comes back to kill bad guys. The end.

  • Joe-Banger

    I agree with chambertlo, this isnt a sequel to s remake, its an excuse to make another film with the same plot with a different character. Whats the point? I am looking a little bit forward to it though.

  • xAshleyMariex

    The storyline isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but a sequel is still idiotic.

  • lucscs100

    They’re gonna repeat the story?! NO! I wanted a sequel with Jennifer being chased by the police and becoming a vicious killer! There’s so much to add into a storyline like that!

  • Zombie-Killa

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed the remake more than the original.

    Anyway, eh, I can’t say I’m excited about this. I mean, I’ll watch it of course, but I’m not foaming at the mouth for another I Spit On Your Grave film.

    • Aaron Emery

      Agreed! The original had very unlikable characters (even the leading lady) and no emotion. It was just gross things happening for the purpose of gross things happening. The remake at least had some emotion.

      • Zombie-Killa

        “very unlikable characters”

        THIS is so true. And another thing that annoys me about the original is, it’s way too pretentious 95% of the time. And well, boring.

        Thanks Aaron! Now I know I’m not alone! lol.

        • Aaron Emery

          The film is a perfect example of how extreme violence can be a total bore because there is no emotion

  • Aaron Emery

    @chambertlo ‘American Psycho 2’ is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, don’t hate! 🙂
    As for this movie, I could live without watching another 30 minute rape/torture scene.

  • bambi_lives8980

    The first film, as notorious as it is for being offensive, wasn’t really that good or offensive. It was just ugly, and cheap. Don’t get me wrong, I like cheap ugly movies, but this one was pretty unlikable.

    As for the remake, I got to meet the director and main cast before the film was released, which was a huge pleasure as all were fun and nice, and seemed to genuinely care about the film they were making. So when the movie came out, I was excited, and it didn’t let me down at all. I like it more so than the original, for sure. Steven Monroe is returning, so that’s at least a good thing. But I somewhat agree with the folks saying, why a sequel? Money, is the answer, which 2010’s ISOYG certainly made some of if they’re considering a sequel to this film which, really anyone would say, doesn’t need a sequel.

    Of course it seems that this is a completely different story, so none of the cast are to return, but since Monroe is returning I’ll definitely take a look. And yes I’m sort of excited for it, but I won’t let expectations soar. Also agreed that a subtitle should be in place rather than the cliché “part 2”. If it’s a different story, yet set in the same universe or kind of guidelines of the first film without actually directly following the events of the first, this seems more appropriate.


    I enjoyed the I Spit on Your Grave remake. It was cool seeing her get back at those guys in crazy ways. And I’m not the sensitive type at all, but do we really need to see another movie where half of it is going to be a rape scene? I really hope it isn’t like the first in that way.

    I love Hostel and The Loved Ones, which are also considered torture porn. They are nasty movies but all of the victims either die or survive, like the good half of I Spit on Your Grave. The Last House on the left is also an awesome movie but that one’s been sitting on my shelf since the first time I saw it because I know I’m in for a long rape scene before I can get to the good stuff.

    I hope half of this sequel isn’t just a rape scene. The description says “raped, tortured and kidnapped to a foreign country, Jessica is buried alive and left to die.” The first one would’ve just said, “raped and left to die” (I don’t quite remember right now exactly what happened), so hopefully the rape bit is kept to a minimum.

  • TwistedCritic

    I too (surprisingly) enjoyed the remake, even though I didn’t really like how they didn’t explain how the girl survived, cleaned herself up AND managed to turn into Jigsaw in such a short amount of time (some of those deaths were quite Saw-like for a girl who was surviving in the woods). I honestly thought they’d continue with the same character somehow, but I guess this will just be the same movie but with a different girl/setting.

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