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[Exclusive] Top 9 Horror Films From Iceage’s Dan Nielsen

Danish band Iceage are making a name for themselves with their blend of punk, rock, noise, and strong songwriting. Their new album You’re Nothing (iTunes) has been met with critical acclaim and is highly touted by many as an Album Of The Year contender.

But what makes them fun for us Bloody-Disgusting readers is that they are big horror fans! Below you can see drummer Dan Kjær Nielsen’s Top 9 Horror Movies, which includes some truly stellar choices, many of which are true classics for even the most picky of horror lovers. Head on below to check out his fantastic list!

My top 9 bloody (disgusting) movies off the top of my head:

1. Ebola Syndrome (trailer)
A very, very good movie about a deranged man who catches ebola and then is immune and can only give it to other people. I enjoy watching it every single time and the effects and acting and plot and everything is about as good as it can get.

2. Riki Oh (trailer)
This is an adaptation of (the first parts of) a beautiful manga about the inhumanely strong riki-oh who is in a privatized prison and is very righteous and does what is right. Great, great fight scenes and violence. I have nothing but praise.

3. Maniac (trailer
Maniac is a movie written by and starring Joe Spinell and he has done a wonderful job at both. The film is scary and sweaty and manic. The best of all serial killer kind of movies, in my opinion. I think there is a remake with elijah wood……

4. Angst (trailer
An austrian movie that actually gives you the feeling of how (I think) it is to be a very disturbed murdering psychopath.
Great camerawork and soundtrack also.

5. Tetsuo The Iron Man (trailer)
Black and white movie that is very intense to watch about humans and metal and how the two can mix in a beautiful way. Extremely good visually. I can also recommend the movie Rubbers Lover by the same guy.

6. Mondo Cane (trailer)
The great thing about this one is that the blood is real. There is a lot of nicer stuff in it as well but I feel like it’s
kind of just a documentary about the world with no introduction and it is really great to watch. Good soundtrack by Riz Ortolani.

7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (trailer)
T have to mention this movie because it is so good and dirty and disgusting, but you probably know it. I also like Number 2 with Dennis Hopper a lot.

8. Flænset (trailer)
A danish movie about revenge I can recommend that is really weird and has a strange feeling throughout it and is not really like any other danish movie (that I have seen) neither in the amount of bloody violence. Maybe surpassed by Bleeder or Pusher.

9. Shogun Assassin (trailer)
This is a film that is made out of two films for a more understandable release, I guess. It is a classic samurai tale acted
out in a great manner with a lot of heads being sliced off and traditional sword fights as well. Lots of blood and memorable lines.

Iceage tour dates:
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