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UK Terror Fills the ‘Screen’

Directed by David Paul Baker and starring Nicole Alonso, Leslie Andrews, and Carolyn Crow, we have some art and a trailer for the UK horror Screen.

A group of horror fans are found scared to death in front of a drive-in movie screen. Whatever they saw also bled into the screens on their mobile devices. We go back 24 hours to follow two of the characters from this group. Lola and Carrie go on a road trip to attend this Halloween screening event. It’s being held at an old disused drive-in movie theater. They also research the past reports about the drive-in. It’s haunted! People died in front of the screen in the 70s. This event is the 40th anniversary of the deaths. Despite this fact, nothing will stop Lola and Carrie from attending. They want to see what is on the screen.



  • davidpbaker

    I’m extremely grateful for the article on SCREEN. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Thank you tons for posting about SCREEN! I am so proud to be part of this project and it means the world that you are helping spread the word about it. 😀

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