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Review: ‘Grimm’ #1

Hate it or love it, another TV series has been adapted to the comic medium, NBC’s Grimm. A tale that follows the detective Nick Burkhardt who also happens to be a Grimm, which means he has the uncanny ability to see the supernatural side of life. I’m not overly fond of this kind of adaptation to begin with and this book did little to impress at the start. However, the comic asserts itself near the end where there’s some underlying potential to be found.

STORY BY: Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey
ART BY: José Malaga
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE DATE: May 8th, 2013

For those of you who are as unfamiliar with the premise of “Grimm” (as I was) I’ll give you quick rundown: the world is filled with supernatural beasts disguised as humans known as Wesen, and a Grimm is someone who has the hereditary ability to see them. For better or worse, this also means its a Grimm’s duty to keep their existence under wraps. This is essentially all you need to know to have a basic understanding of the world. Nick and a duo of teammates head overseas to Vienna, Austria in an attempt to thwart a plot for world domination.

The premise of the book definitely has some potential. The Wesen are based off different kinds of animals which allows the story creators to get inventive with the different kinds of creatures. This being the first issue, there are a lot of different Wesens to give an idea of what the story has geared up for the reader.

The book itself is decent paced as it jumps straight into the mission. Unfortunately, it’s loaded with quite bit of back story. There in lies my inherent dissatisfaction with the book, the start is very jumpy and bobbled, perhaps this is because it’s based off a show so the creators assume the reader already has some prior knowledge (I didn’t). As the first few pages role by, I was at a loss as to the general direction of the book and the quick rush of characters. Once the team gets to Vienna the book starts to come together, and upon its climax I did feel I had a greater understanding of the story and was enjoying the read. Another issue is the script itself. The dialogue feels clunky until it builds up some flow near the end and as a result there is no hook until the climax.

The art is simply great. I like the realistic imagery, especially with regards to the Wesen, there is a big diversity of creatures and they look unique and interesting. The violence is unsuspected and well done. The colours are not overly dark or soft, and they offer a good representation of daily life.

The book takes a while to establish itself, but there is potential here. I look forward to issue #1 in hopes that it can build up some steam.

2.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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