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Review: ‘Creepy’ #12



As each story gets better and better, readers will simply enjoy Creepy #12 and its collection of short horror tales. You will definitely get your dose of the macabre from the ghoulish host, Uncle Creepy. With a bit of scares, comedy, and gore added in each morality tale, there is definitely something here for everyone.

WRITTEN BY: Richard Corben, John Arcudi, Ron Marz, Dan Braun, Peter Bagge
ART BY: Richard Corben, Peter Bagge, Julian Totino Tedesco, Richard P. Clark
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $4.99
RELEASE: May 8th, 2013

In “Uncle Magnus,” a widow demands that her dead husband tell her where he stole their money. If his wife wants the money so badly, he will gladly make her wish come true and rise from the grave. In “Fishing, ” two brothers realize they are being used as bait by a magical creature. In “Role Models,” an evil cat and a talking dog are fighting each other while their human masters are looking on. In “Local Talent,” a director unknowingly hires a real-life monster for his horror movie. In “Pack Leader” an traumatized ex-soldier must deal with the numbing coldness and hunger wolves after his plane crashed in the snowy mountains.

My personal favorite in the collection is writer/artist Richard Corben’s “Uncle Magnus.” Corben provides a grim atmosphere with his excellent use of shadows. In just a few lines of dialogue, we know the greedy nephews are thieves who intend on stealing their dead uncle’s money. The nephews, who are rotten to the core, will learn a moral lesson when their dead uncle rises from the grave.
I really liked the supernatural twist in writer/artist Matthew Allison’s “Local Talent.” In a tribute to indie filmmaking, Allison narrates what a typical day is for a director. While becoming frustrated with budget and technical issues, the director has to deal with a diva who won’t stop complaining. In a big panel, Allison doesn’t hold back on the gore when the Horror Monster rips out the diva’s heart. Allison captures a caricature of the legendary Robert Evans as the producer.

Writer Ron Marz and artist Richard P. Clark craft a sinister tale about the survival of the fittest in “Fishing.” Marz uses fishing as the metaphor for “Are we the bait or the hook in life?” Clark illustrates the magical fairy as a provocative seductress in her introduction. The fairy catches the two brothers by surprise when she suddenly turns into a vicious monster with sharp fangs. Through wide shots, Clark creates an enchanting background with bright stars and the moon in the night sky.

Writer John Arcudi steers for the heart while artist Julian Totino Tedesco goes straight for the jugular in the incredibly somber, “Pack Leader.” Through captions, Arcudi keeps the readers inside the mind of a lost ex-soldier, who is trying to survive in the snowy mountains. In wide shots, Totino brushes the panels in white, as if the snow never ends. In a close-up, Totino wants readers to see the wolf with its one eye missing.

With tons of horror and wicked humor, “Creepy ” #12 has all that for readers and so much more. The “Creepy” anthology series always has such great storytellers to match with its wonderful black and white artwork.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis


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