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10 Horror Movies My Mom Hates (And Loves)!!!

A few days back I posted a list of 5 Horror Movies To Show Your Mom On Mother’s Day. I like that list, it’s fun. If you haven’t read it already, go for it. But after I was done I thought, “why didn’t I just go right to the source?”

Who’s the source? My own mother, of course. I figured, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’d give her a forum to sound off! So I got in touch with her and sent her a list of horror (and gory horror-ish) movies I know for a fact she’s seen. And, even though it had been years since she’d seen most of the items on the list, she remembered a surprising amount of them! The poor woman had to watch way too many of these films with me as a child (and even as an adult, on occasion). My big takeaway? Like the rest of us, she just doesn’t want to be bored.

Also? My Mom is awesome, whether or not we agree on movies. I have quoted her directly on these since it’s about time she had the floor. Head inside for 10 Horror Movies My Mom Hates (And Loves)!!!


Hated ‘Nightmare On Elm Street!’ Way too violent. Don’t find people trying to cut people up with claw knives very entertaining.


‘Poltergeist 2’ was ok but not nearly as fun as the first one. The story was old the second time and I couldn’t handle that little woman’s voice again.


‘Sin City,’ I saw it in the movie theater. The violence was so repulsive I literally had to go to the ladies room and was almost sick. To me it was violence only for the sake of violence… and had it NO redeeming qualities! My son made me see it but I eventually forgave him.


I saw ‘American Werewolf in London’ about 100 times as my son rented it for the VCR every weekend for years when he was in grade school. I liked it the first 20 times I saw it.

THE FLY (1986)

‘The Fly’ was a stupid story.


‘Seven’ was interesting and scary and disgusting. I was entertained but not enough to ever see it more than once.


I loved ‘Jaws.’ Thought it was fun and scary… not too gross and it was plausible. Good dialogue, interesting characters, good casting and acting was good… and for the times the special effects were great. Never was bored.


VHS movie was boring and gave me a headache.


Silence of the Lambs was great. I am a therapist so I enjoyed the psychological references and thought the psychology and motivations of the characters was well done. Thought Jodie and Anthony gave great performances and the plot was believable. I think horror movies that are logical and possible are the scariest. The viewer knows ” it ” could happen to them in real life.


Robocop… I don’t like movies about machines… boring… and I don’t like science fiction sh*t in general. I like movies with people in them.



  • joesey

    Dayum! She don’t like ANYTHING lol. Maybe she should do reviews here instead of some people :-p

    • EvanDickson

      Haha, she IS tough!

  • Aaron Emery

    Haha, your mom just made my dad. I want her autograph!
    “I saw ‘American Werewolf in London’ about 100 times as my son rented it for the VCR every weekend for years when he was in grade school. I liked it the first 20 times I saw it.”- Should go on a DVD cover!

  • djblack1313

    Evan, i LOVE this article! having your mom a part of it and the fact you clearly love your mom made my day! my mom was my idol and (i know this is cliche to admit/say) she was my best friend. i miss her.

    so Evan, i have even MORE respect for you, my friend. Mom’s rule!

    • EvanDickson

      Thanks guys!

  • dr.lamb

    Why do most women hate SF in general, and particularly stories with robots or cyborgs ? My dream girl would love horror and SF 😀

  • bambi_lives8980

    So funny, my mom thinks 100% the same way on about 7 out of those 10, no shit.

  • RMWaters

    This is so amazing! Your mum is cool!

  • HostelTakeover

    Wow our moms are the polar opposite when it comes to NOES. My mom loves the movies. (Her cat’s name is Freddy for god sake.)

  • ThunderDragoon

    Sounds like my grandma when it comes to horror movies. She’s tough to please! My mom is probably the complete opposite of yours, though. This was great, Evan. 🙂

  • Milk

    It’s funny that V/H/S was slipped into all these classics. My mom hates/is scared of anything horror related. She always recommends movies or tv shows that “look scary” that she sees trailers for. Most of the time they’re not even horror movies, bless her heart. Lol.

    • EvanDickson

      @Milk VHS slipped in because I knew she saw it. I made her rent it on iTunes last year.

  • Joe-Banger

    Ok list but Sin City, The Fly, and Robo Cop were not horror films. Happy Mothers day everyone!

  • Joey_Redballs

    Your mom is a therapist (psychologist?) and let you rent lots of R-rated horror movies when you were little? Was this her own personal experiment? You may be living proof that movies do not cause violent people, just people obsessed with movies. Or I may be reading way too much into this. Ask your mom. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  • Boonraiser

    This is a great mom list, even if a few aren’t straight up horror; they are still quite violent. My mom liked a lot of these. I remember her renting Hellraiser 2 when it came out on VHS when I was like 8. She watched it with me even though it was pretty crazy for a kid to watch. More recently, before she passed away we watched High Tension and she looked at me and was like “why do I watch these things with you?” Thanks for the article Evan. Love you mom.

  • The-ReAnimator

    I am also intrigued that your mother is a psychologist. I’d be interested in hearing her opinion of your website and if it worried her at any point in your life being exposed to such violent imagery. As a psychology student I would love to hear her insight on how this early exposure she thinks brought you to who you are today. It’s a very interesting and rare dynamic you two have.

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