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[Saturday Morning Cartoon] “Regular Show” Invaded By ‘Zombocalypse’!

Here’s a Saturday morning cartoon treat from your pals at Bloody Disgusting!

While some of you may already be as obsessed as I am with Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show,” many of you may not be aware of its pure awesomeness. The show, now on Netflix Instant, has me revisiting all the previous seasons, which is where I came across this 2011 classic.

In the second season’s 19th episode “Grave Sights”, Mordecai and Rigby accidentally raise the dead during a movie night in the cemetery. The episode shows an insane amount of love for the horror genre, touching on our obsession over renting videos, our knowledge of the genre, how we collect rare gems and attend various conventions. It even gives an homage to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise with the “incredibly rare” director’s cut of “Zombocalypse.”

This is a very special 10 minutes of cartoon that should go perfect with your Count Chocula cereal this Saturday morning. Tell us what you think!

  • Aaron Emery

    I absolutely love ‘The Regular Show’! This is fantastic!

  • JonOfTheShred

    Hm. Hm. Hm, hm. Hm.

  • huntermc

    Great episode of a great show.

  • Sick_skwerl

    I love Regular Show! Anyone with 80’s nostalgia should be required to watch an episode. “You’re not going to ruin my paid day off!”

  • Evan3

    Not bad, but you should pimp Adventure Time’s zombie episodes (I think they are at two) – those are masterful. They have also tackled werewolves a couple of times and have a vampire who is a semi-regular. Regular Show is good, but Adventure Time is grrrrrreat.

  • Unblocked Games Room

    Its a nice cartoon about a Zombocalypse, my kid loves it. For the ones that have little kids make sure you show them the Zombocalypse game, i am sure they will love it!