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‘Among The Sleep’ Gets Oculus Rift Support, Studio Jory To Record Dialogue



Developer Krillbite Studio has been hard at work on Among the Sleep, an indie horror game that places you in the footies of a toddler who’s alone in an empty house at night. It’s one of the more unique horror games I’ve ever seen, and it only looks more promising every time I read something new about it. On Kickstarter, Krillbite revealed basic support of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset — as well as a stretch goal that, if unlocked, will let them do more than dabble with it — and an exciting collaboration with Studio Jory, which will be handling the dialogue recording.

The name might not sound familiar, but you’ve heard Jory’s work. Their portfolio includes multiple Game of the Years, including The Walking Dead and Knights of the Old Republic, as well as the Oscar winning film Lost in Translation. Head past the break for a look at what they’re doing with the Oculus Rift.

If you fancy the idea of seeing through the eyes of a child you can support Among the Sleep’s Kickstarter campaign.

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