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How Much Would ‘Psycho’s’ Bates Motel Sell For?

With A&E’s “Bates Motel” now airing Monday nights, Movoto’s regular readers were apparently thinking about the middle-of-nowhere deathtrap known as the Bates Motel. They wanted to know how much it would cost to purchase the creepy motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and set up shop.

Their best guess is that the original Bates Motel from the Alfred Hitchcock movie would cost evil investors just over $800,000 if it were placed on the market today. Why is the price so low? There are two reasons. “First, Norman Bates’s murder shack is located in an out-of-the-way location, which is good for killing weary travelers, but not so great for tourists. The second—and probably biggest—factor is that the motel is relatively tiny. Afterall, it is a mom and son business.” Says the writer, “If you want to know how I figured it out, lock your doors and conveniently forget to shower.

Check out this fun infographic below via Movoto.

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