Trailer, First Images From ‘The Dead 2’ Resurrected

  • djblack1313

    looks good!

  • Jasonicus

    I bet all of the zombies smell like curry.

  • suedepup

    Impressive. Despite its rough edges, I quite enjoyed the 1st film. Looking forward to this.

  • frankstark

    well at least they did not throw in a music number, but all kidding aside i’m pretty interested in this sequel cause i have seen the first one and would like to see how this one goes if they are going to do more in other countries or other parts of the world.

    • djblack1313

      frankstark, i was wondering this too. it would be interesting to see many different parts of the world go through this. first Africa (the 1st movie right?) now India, then……???

  • undertaker78

    Sweet. I thoroughly enjoy the first part. This one appears to have that classic, vintage look from the Romero/Fulci period. Bring it on.