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‘Alan Wake’ Dev Reveals ‘Quantum Break’ For Xbox One

Did you hear? The Xbox One was revealed, and boy oh boy does it look sexy. Sadly, not many games were announced during Microsoft’s event. In fact, only one new IP was unveiled, and that was from Remedy Entertainment, the studio that brought us Max Payne and Alan Wake. If you were hoping for a big Alan Wake 2 reveal, I’m going to go ahead and clip your wings right now. Our favorite writer might still have a game in the works, but for now, Remedy is focused on a new game called Quantum Break.

What exactly, is Quantum Break? Hell if I know. All I know is it’s beautiful, has something to do with “Mastering time to survive the present and save the future,” and in some way revolves around a little girl who has mysterious powers that may or may not have something to do with ships crashing into bridges. Screens and a trailer after the jump.

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  • Chazz

    If Alan Wake is anything to go on then I’ll pass. That game played terribly and the whole story was a dime-store novel knockoff of Stephen King.

    • TheDeadman19

      How could you not love the 2 old guys?


    • Raziel_cz

      I’m not arguing that the game could play better, especially on PC (anyway American Nightmare brought more fluent gameplay later, so the improvement was there…), but it is well-known that the story of the original Alan Wake was inspired by the horror classics (cliche included) and Stephen King’s novels from the biggest part. And it worked. I hoped the story will continue as Remedy made awesome fictional world which was a great base for sequels, because every single one could be set in a totally different time and place in contrast to its predecessor like American Nightmare showed.

  • GothicGuido

    Lol I feel like I complain on here to much. Loved Alan wake and I wish the team the best but I’m not feeling this (early to judge I know). Its looking A LOT like Beyond:Two Souls. Creepy kids who stares and can make shit blow up. Not a fan of the creepy kid or super kid cliche. Some more footage may prove me wrong tho, but for right now this is looking pretty generic.

  • chris99x

    I have a difficult time getting excited about this. Live action mixed with gameplay? Sounds like something that would have come out in the 90s…not sure how it will play out. The trailer was lame, but obviously it’s very early. I just hope they haven’t bit off more than they can chew, as they did with Alan Wake originally (which still ended up being great, so who knows).

  • divisionbell

    That was very underwhelming and didn’t really seem like a leap of any kind from the 360.

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