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An Amazing Recap Of The Xbox One Unveiling

The Xbox One reveal was a confusing mess that angered about as many people as it confused. It was a brief conference, but if you didn’t have the hour required to watch the full thing — you busy little bee — don’t worry, because I have a recap for you. Now you can get in the know in under two minutes. Check it out after the jump.

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  • Blood-Sicles

    Fingers crossed that Sony doesn’t join Microsoft in this mess. I’m totally prepared to build a PC. I barely play games now anyways, and the whole mandatory-camera thing gives me the creeps.

  • ThunderDragoon

    XD That was hilarious. Xbox, go home, you’re drunk. I agree, Blood-Sicles, that camera thing is just freaky as hell. Having a mandatory camera in your living room with a constant internet connection? Yeah, no thanks! I have faith that Sony won’t join Microsoft in this mess. They already proved that, I think, by having games at the center of everything when they first unveiled it. We’ll know it all once E3 comes around, though. Excited for that.

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