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‘God Is Dead’ According To Jonathan Hickman

It may be a little early to speculate on this, but I think it’s safe to say that Jonathan Hickman will be in the runnings for creator of the year. He’s killing it on both of his “Avengers” titles, his new series “East of West” is a hit, and Bleeding Cool has just announced that he has yet another original series called “God is Dead” from Avatar Press. Taking a page from Nietzsche, the books follows the journey of God as he returns to a modern day Earth to deal with all the crap that has gone down in his absence. Unfortunately, he’s got to deal with the people who don’t want him back.

Avatar Press plans to announce the title at Phoenix Comic Con. The book is written by Jonathan Hickman with art from Di Amorim. The six-issue series begins in September.



  • Evan3

    Now THIS sounds really interesting.

  • Evan3

    Also @Lonmonster – can you remind us of this when it is actually released (no way I will remember until September).

    Also, did you hear of Comics Alliance being shut down? I am still really sad about it.

    • Lonmonster

      @Evan3 yeah man. We’ll continue to cover the book. I was also sad to hear about Comics Alliance, they were a great site.

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