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[Toys] Want A Life Sized Replica Of The Teddy Bear Girl From “The Walking Dead?”

55 inches tall. Man. You’ve either got to be single or have a significant other who’s just as into horror as you are for this one to work out. You’ve also got to have some disposable income because this gal’s a little over $200. If you meet all of this criteria, you can head here to pick it up!

Here’s the official spiel if you need more selling, “Would you like to hold my teddy bear? Don’t do it if you know what’s good for you! Clawing her way out of the very first episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead – “Days Gone Bye” – is this spine-chilling LIFE-SIZE rendering of Teddy Bear Girl. Complete with furry little friend and standing 55-inches tall, The Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl Life-Size Statue from Morbid Enterprises is crafted of vinyl, fabric, plastic, and metal. She features multi-directional movement and realistic snarling audio… and she’s operated by motion and sound sensors! Whether you’re adding her to your The Walking Dead collection or planning to use her as a creepier-than-creepy Halloween decoration, you’ll be glad you brought Teddy Bear Girl to your home… maybe… if you’re careful.

Check it out below!




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