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‘The Purge’ Soundtrack Has A Rather Creepy, Unsettling Cover

I’m still not 100% convinced on The Purge, the upcoming thriller that stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. It looks interesting enough but the concept is utterly ridiculous and absurd. However, that statement could be applied to a VAST amount of films that are released each year, so what do I know, right?

However, one thing that has me intrigued is the soundtrack, which is composed by Nathan Whitehead (Gears Of War: Judgment, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon).

Whitehead comments, “Scoring The Purge was a fascinating and haunting exploration into what we value as a society and how far will we go in the name of greater social good. Sonically, this was such a fun world to develop as I got to record and process a lot of strange sounds to create our own vocabulary for the score—everything from spring rattles and noisy toys to whooshing traffic and subway tunnels. Then working with this gritty, textural palette I aimed to tell two main stories musically: Will we survive the night and even if we do, what does this say about us as human beings? I found this combination of tense action and human drama to be so compelling and it was really rewarding to express that musically.

Head on down for the track list and the spooky cover art, which looks like The Strangers meets Dead Silence.

1. You’re Number One
2. Let’s Growl
3. Timmy
4. Charlie’s Secret Room
5. Lockdown
6. Family
7. I Came To See Your Father
8. Emergency Services Will Be Suspended
9. This Night Saved Our Country
10. The Purge Is Working
11. Who Needs A Car On A Boat?
12. Zoey’s Gone
13. Be Careful, OK?
14. You Need to See This
15. Toodaloo, Sandins
16. Charlie Watches
17. James And The Stranger
18. That Will Be Thee
19. There Are People Outside
20. I Am Not Dying Tonight
21. Nothing Is Ever Going To Be OK Again
22. I Bid Thee Farewell
23. Are You Hurt?
24. Release The Beast
25. Your Soul Has Been Cleansed
26. Neighbors
27. Thank You
28. Ours, Not Theirs
29. Blessed Be The New Founding Fathers
30. No More Killing Tonight

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  • KeepDoubting

    Any word on a vinyl release?

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Not being a douche or anything, but I can’t help but wonder why so many people keep talking about how ridiculous the movie’s concept is. I mean, District 9 is an amazing film and one of my personal favorites, but it’s about aliens coming to earth and being oppressed by humans, yet no one calls it ridiculous. It was a metaphor and it sounds like The Purge is trying to do the same thing. I don’t know, maybe i’m missing something, but it’s true a lot of films, including good ones, could be accused of having a goofy premise. Not trying to harp on anyone’s opinions, i’m just curious.

    • BelaManiac

      THANK YOU! I’ve been wondering the same thing.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I find the concept ridiculous simply because having one night of murderous freedom doesn’t make a lick of sense. District 9 explained why the aliens were oppressed and used the story as political commentary. Now, it’s granted that without seeing The Purge I don’t know if they are going for the same type of thing, but so far nothing has shown me that this is their intention. Still, I’m very open to seeing if they pull it off in a clever manner!

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