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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘Paranormal’ Is The Scariest Game I’ve Played This Year

In this episode, I play Matt Cohen’s deeply unnerving indie horror game Paranormal. David joins me, again, and this time we’re joined by a brand new guest: a dragon named Bob. Join us as we embark on a journey fraught with paranormal activity, upside down fridges and art mannequins.

If you can endure a half hour’s worth of me screaming and squealing — possibly more of the latter — as horrible and traumatizing things happen to me in what’s easily the scariest indie horror game I’ve played this year (and I’ve played a lot) then you’re going to love this. Watch it after the jump.

Like what you see? I knew you would. Did you know you can subscribe to BDTV for more videos like this, because you totally can. If you’d like to play it yourself, you can drop $9.99 and download Paranormal here for PC and Mac.

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  • chris99x

    I can’t remember if you’ve already posted about it, but the kickstarter for the sequel is up


    watchin it in 144p like a true pro

    • Adam Dodd

      Watch it in glorious HD!

  • TheDeadman19

    Next to the sculpture is a door. I fell through the door, down some stairs. It was super dark with a glowing red stick figure drawing on one of the walls. I started at it and it disappeared…the wall, not the drawing. I fell down the stairs behind it and landed in a room with two altars and torches. And a sobbing, screaming girl. My flashlight didn’t work and the girl came closer. Shadows covering her face. She started at me for like 2 minutes. I couldn’t pause the game, use my flashlight and the battery icon had disappeared. Then she screamed. I nearly pissed myself.

    I was like 5 minutes in the game. I’m a crying, shaking mess. Adam, hug me 🙁

    • TheDeadman19

      stared at it*

      • Adam Dodd

        *BIG HUG*

        How did you get into the basement door? Was it just unlocked? I heard you had to get something from the safe to unlock the door, then you can beat the game after reaching the basement. I’m super jealous of you, outside of the traumatizing bits, of course.

        • TheDeadman19

          I just fell through it. Walked up to it to check if it would open, then just . . . stumbled forward. Down the stairs
          Did I spoil the ending now?

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